Thursday, 8 May 2014

This happened last Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The year was 2013 and IPL mania was in its peak. Unfortunately during the same time my mother was admitted in the hospital for a minor surgery and she was suppose to get discharged same day after few hours of observation.  I remember that day vividly, there was a match between Royal challengers Bangalore and Chennai Super Kings taking place. It was a small hospital and TV was too much to ask for. I was kind of restless for missing out the match and started trolling in corridor of the hospital to find a way to watch the match. To my surprise there was a way, I saw a teenage boy standing at the window end of corridor and watching TV from a small shop which was in close view from the corridor window. The shop was selling electronic goods so obviously the owners were too hooked to the IPLmania. The teenager looked at me and understood my restlessness to watch match and, gave me space so that I could squeeze in and watch the match. The unwritten formulae in India is like, as long as you know your cricket  we are all one big grin

The cricket bond in this country is such that we didn’t ask each other’s name or didn’t even to bother ask each other the reason behind being in hospital. His first question was-whom are you supporting?
He-Me too happy
IPLmania, A True Story!!!- #KannaKeepCalm

Soon after knowing that we both are supporting same team we both are like long lost brother and sister duo. Cricket has power to bond a relationship between two strangers and also it has power to break strong relationships (try saying one of your friend’s favorite player is fixed and see what happens next *don’t blame me for the result*)

We both gave a shout at shopkeeper to increase the TV volume, so we can hear the commentary. He was generous enough to accommodate our cricket hungry ears.thumbs up
  When Gayle hit  three sixes in a row in a single over, we both couldn’t resist ourself and we forgot we both are in hospital and screamed, from nowhere a nurse appeared in front of us as if she is ready to eat us alive.angry
 It was last 2 balls, one wicket left and 6 runs needed to win, we both were very edgy and ready to jump off from the window. We both were literally praying for RCB. Once again Nurse came looking for me to spoil the moment angryand told me my mother is asking for meworried. I had no option other than leaving the match to tend my mum.

Soon after attending my mum, I ran back to window to catch up with match, only to see the boy (name unknown) crying crying. Like a very understanding sister I took his hand and told him-‘Don’t cry, it’s just a match, loosing and winning is a part of game” I didn’t hear any answer, so went on with my cricket-cum-philophical gyan-“I understand how you feeling, but still it’s a game and we still have hopes, we may make it to final, don’t cry” I didn’t hear anything, from him so I took liberty to continue with my gyan for another 5 minutes and I don’t know what all I blabbered. Finally that boy got irritated and looked at me and said-“RCB won and I am crying because, my granny who is in hospital just passed away”
It was a FACEPALM situation for me… I was'nt sure to laugh for my assumption or cry for his loss or celebrate for RCB win
IPLmania, A True Story!!!- #KannaKeepCalm

Now watching IPL is a cake walk as long as you have one of those smartphones.Download the App or login to and just watch it irrespective of where ever you are.No need to call your office for sick leave,no need to lie your girlfriend to catch up with match,No need to avoid a distant cousin's xyz ceremony now :P has kissable features like ‘Fastest scoreboard’,’Zip clips’,’Infografix’,’Action Recap’ and ‘Deferred Live’.Isnt it awesome?!!!!these features are enough to keep all the cricket fans.
IPLmania, A True Story!!!- #KannaKeepCalm

 Thanks to for making life easy for all the IPL cricket fans.Now cricket is on move without inventing new excuses to glue infront of television. 

          Kanna Keep Calm   
     Watch Pespsi Ipl 

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  3. Yes, our inattentiveness can lead us to 'facepalm' situations...

    Arvind Passey