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Coconut water is considered as a purest form of liquid apart from water. It’s loaded with lots of nutrients along with many medicinal and beauty benefits. It’s rich in Pottasium, Glucose, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, anti-oxidants, Cytokinins.
Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Water-Skin Tonic

It acts as a natural energy drink and its best substitute for artificial energy drinks. It helps to remove toxins from body hence good health and good skin. It also has anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-viral properties which in turn helps in maintaining over all body well being.
It’s a best refreshing drink in summer and also a best skin tonic. It’s a fat-free, Sugar-free drink and must add in diet for those who are trying to lose weight.
Skin Benefits Of coconut Water
Anti-Aging property
Anti-oxidant present in coconut water helps in removing free radicals from body which are responsible for skin aging. Two elements found in coconut water-Cytokines and Lauric Acid which play vital role in the skin growth and its regulation, these to helps in reducing pre-mature wrinkles and aging.
Hydrates the Skin
Well hydrated skin is an important key to beauty. Dehydration affects badly on skin. When body can’t take out its toxins through urine due to dehydration, it uses other organs like skin to take out toxins. This would lead to dull skin,un- even skin tone, acne and many other skin problems. If you suspect your body is not getting enough hydration, consider coconut water in your routine. It is rich in minerals, helps to detoxify your body and provides essential minerals to your body.
Best Moisturizer
Coconut water acts as a best moisturizer when applied topically. It’s a blessing for oily skin. It controls excess oil production hence increases skin glow and also reduces blemishes.
Keeps Skin Infections at Bay
Its anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal property helps skin to keep acne and several skin infections at bay. For best results, apply coconut water topically.

Coconut water is loaded with many beauty benefits.So drink coconut water everyday and watch your skin glow.
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