Monday, 10 March 2014

Hey!, I am super excited to write about the destination I would love to visit in 2014 with skyscanner. Travelling is my passion!!! I love travelling alone and exploring the new places that come my way. Usually, I don’t enjoy visiting places as a tourist and stay for few days.  The fun is just not there.  I love to plan smartly, stay at a place of my choice for longish time and enjoy the place as a local. For me travelling goes much beyond tourism, it is also an attempt to understand the mind set of locals, try learning their language, explore local cuisines and shop like a true shopaholic (*only if my budget allows*)

The dream destination of my choice for 2014 is BALI.  Bali is an island in Indonesia. You may ask, why Bali???  Well, I have a rather interesting story behind it.  So if you are interested in my story, here it is.

If you have reached here, it means you are interested.  So lets begin! Cut to Circa-2010.  I was obsessed with this obsession of visiting Bali after I read- EAT, PRAY, LOVE .-by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I think is a fabulous read.  Every woman can relate herself to this book in some way. The protagonist of the book has a simple quest to find, peace, happiness and love.  This very pursuit makes her travel to Italy (Eat), India (Pray) and Indonesia (BALI for Love) and she succeeds in fulfilling her quests. 

The third part of the book is all about Bali and liberating herself from her past and finding a love of her life.  This is were I come in. This third part of the book kinda hit a raw nerve in head and has been jutting along for years now. Like the Gilbert's protagonist,  I too want to unshackle myself from the burden of the past, that I am carrying. For some, it may sound weird that visiting a place can do such magic, but thats indeed true. From my past experience, I can vouch travelling has done many marvellous things in my life.  Yes, travelling really does the magic.

If I can’t plan months before travelling, at times I just get an urge to run away and hide myself  and I do it. I am sure one of these days I might just get that urge to run away to Bali(Visa on arrival for Indians in Bali)

Travel Smartly-Skyscanner

It’s past mid night; I am lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. My eyes are tired but there is no sign of the sleep embracing me  any time soon.hell!!, I hate my friend Insomnia. Over the years Insomnia and I have been maintaining a love and hate relationship. I picked up my cell phone to call my best friend but restrained myself looking at the time, because she is married and didn’t want to disturb her. Am I only soul who is awake at this hour of the night? Slowly the feeling of loneliness started sweeping all over me. I hate that feeling and I don’t want Mr.Lonliness to rule my head at this hour of the night. As my friend insomnia was stubborn to leave me and Mr.Lonliness was determined to enter my head, I got up from my bed  and started shuffling around my book shelves. My eyes fell on this book-EAT PRAY LOVE, From nowhere my hidden obsession girl woke up and started ruling my head. She started screaming, let’s travel to Bali, let’s travel to Bali. I asked her to shut up as it’s a crazy idea and went back to the bedroom.Mr.Lonliness was all set on the bed and trying lure me. I wasn’t interested in sleeping with Mr.Lonliness.The choice for now is either bed with Mr.Lonliness or listen to obsession girl. I chose the second one and started checking my bank details and my credit card details. My credit card gave me the permission to travel. My obsession girl is jumping out of happiness. Ooops!!! in such a short notice, I am sure air ticketing would suck all my blood.I started searching online. 
came across this app called skyscanner, immediately downloaded on to my Samsung S4 and started exploring the APP. Me and my obsession girl are jumping out of happiness because we got the cheapest air ticket in such a short notice and also able to book a beach resort for best price.

  • Flight booking
  • hotel booking
  • Rent a car
All in one-Skyscanner :)

Travel Smartly-Skyscanner

Once it comes to travelling, downloading skyscanner is the smartest decision I ever made. It’s a hassle free easy booking. I got a mail regarding my flight booking; I have exactly 12hrs for my flight. I am too excited about my Bali trip and started packing my bags. Over the years I have travelled a lot and done stupid mistakes like planning  a trip with haste and no pre -planning, This behavior of mine has gotten me into troubles and taught me not to be stupid while travelling. This time determined not do such stupid mistakes. I made a mental note of Do and Don’ts and pulled out my suit case.
Travel Smartly-Skyscanner
Before packing my bags, I checked weather in Bali. The website said, Climate in Bali is very tropical with high temperatures throughout the year. So decided, only to pick cotton clothes. I took out few cotton t-shirts and couple of shorts , cotton pants and cotton dresses. I recently bought travel  organizer kit from online shopping and planning to use it for the first time. It came with 5 sets of organizing bags which fits into travelling bag or suitcase.As I used travel organizer kit,my suitcase has enough space left to hold more stuff if I end up shopping in Bali.My clothes packing is done. Now comes the toiletries and my makeup. I have done stupid mistakes of carrying too many stuffs in my previous travelling and this time decided to be wise. I picked up essential toiletries and minimal  make up stuff. Now comes medicine kit. I picked up few paracetamol, painkillers, band-aid, nasal spray-these are essential medicines  if you are travelling to unknown country,because in many countries medicines are not available in pharmacy without prescription . Now foot wears, I picked up a pair of flat and a pair of heals which matched all my dresses. At the end, as I am travelling alone, I included pepper spray in my suit case. Can’t carry it in hand bad as pepper sprays are not allowed in cabin or hand bags in flights. I need to remember to shift my pepper spray to my hand bag once I land in Bali.
Now comes my hand bag, I picked up a big hand bag- which is spacious enough to hold my passport,card holder pouch, I pad and avoided all sharp objects, liquids which are not allowed inside flight.I dont want go through a hassle in security check in airport.
Now I am all set for travelling and I still have 11 hrs to go for my flight. Decided to go to bed, Mr.Lonliness was nowhere to be seen on bed, must have been bored waiting for me and taken the window route. Good for him. I spoke loudly-‘sorry Mr.Lonliness, you will not get lucky with me ever. Here I am going to Bali to bury you forever in the sands of beach shores, drown you in the deep sea” My inner obsession girl gave me chorus and giggled. I slept peacefully for few hours though I got up early as I don’t intend to miss my flight.


Bali-Here I come

Thank you,skyscanner for the cheapest air tickets,best hotel deals and hassle free hire a car services :)

Love yourself


  1. hmm..your use of images lures readers. I have observed your posts beings very refreshing to eyes. Do share your thoughts for my post -

  2. Your posts are always very refreshing to eyes. Nice use of images that is key for any travel blog. Do let me know what you think about my entry -

  3. Thanks for going through my blog partha :)

  4. Well described (highlighted should be the decent word :-P ) Knitha...
    Btw did you have any luck in this contest?

    1. I didnt even get a back pack Anunoy..but they have brilliantly lifted my idea to advertise themself in another contest held by skyscanner-