Sunday, 23 March 2014

Can you believe that a big fashion lover (*ME*) lived almost a month without black pumps in her footwear rack???
I lost my pretty black pumps by catwalk a month ago (who ever stole my pumps*Curse*-get sore feet) don’t ask me how because that sob story takes my entire blog post space.
My foot wear rack looked incomplete without a black pumps. That thought was  very depressing for my inner fashionista.She didn’t let me to sit in in peace for a while. Last evening was one of the boring evening for me and as many knows-shopping is the best medicine for boredom. My legs started working towards Shoppers stop. 
black pumps from shoppers stop
Why I prefer Shoppers stop? Because it’s close to my house.
Like all fashion lovers, I am also big time shopaholic. I end up buying many stuff (though I don’t have complaints about it) which sours my credit card and end up regretting my shopping trips. I decided I will not buy anything other than my black pumps and headed straight to the foot wear section. I tried hard to focus my eyes only on black pumps and trust me it was a difficult exercise to my eyes with all those pretty pretty foot wears dancing around.Tried finding the pretty black pumps I lost, unfortunately it was out of stock. After shuffling and trying few pairs, decided to go for a Black pump by Lavie.
black pumps from shoppers stop

After sales man handing over the shoe box with a shopping bag, I realized I have not checked the price and opened the box to check price-$Heart Attack$.
black pumps from shoppers stop
3,395 RS !!!! I was contemplating whether to buy or not then I hear a angel in male voice saying (sales man)as if he sensed my Heart attack....
-“mam, please come and collect the hand bag from lavie after the billing”
Me-“You mean free for this purchase”?
Him-“yes mam”
I checked out the hand bag,its worth 1660 RS.
black pumps from shoppers stop
pretty bag....I am happy with the entire #deal....
My heart just recovered -‘’The heart attack”.*Grin,Grin….*
Though my heart ached a bit while swiping my credit card, but still its worth a buy....My inner fashionista is Happy** Happy******"YAY" 
price-3,395 INR

Its worth buying as I got 1660 INR worth hand bag free***
 Budget Note-I spent 3,395 for  pumps and a hand bag happy***happieeeeeeeee*****

black pumps from shoppers stop
Me-The proud owner of the black pump and a lavie hand bag(free**free**)

Love yourself



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