Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The traveller sees what he sees; the tourist sees what he has come to see.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

I travel for distraction and fulfillment. My idea of travelling is all alone as a traveller but not as a tourist. When I go to the destination of my choice, I try relating myself to the place; I try to form a connection with the place. May sound weird but that’s what I look for in my travelling ventures. There is always something new to learn, new to experience, few experience to carry as a memory and few to lock away in back of my mind.
I am always looking for something and craving for an unexplained fulfillment, maybe that’s one of the reason why I like exploring places. I am more of a nature person with thirst for knowledge for history along with sense of fashion. (Fashion *code* I am shopaholic :). Right now the destination in my mind is MALAYSIA.

Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

Why Malaysia? Because except Malaysia, I have travelled
almost entire Asia. Why do I want to visit Malaysia? Malaysia is a multi cultural country with many Indians,Chinese and Malays. A country which represents, unity in diversity. Country with lots of scenic beauty, history and a country which can give a lot of experience to a traveller like me who has many unfulfilled quests.

Here are my top 5 things I want to experience in Malaysia


Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

Langkawi is my first choice of destination in Malaysia I intend to visit. I want to surrender myself to the Mother Nature and liberate myself-that’s the whole idea. On a honest note-beaches of langkawi are calling me.I am a big time beach bum, there is nothing like sitting on a shore and watching waves sweeping on my legs. It’s a different feeling .Every time I watch waves going back, I feel as if those waves are taking negatives of my life along and every time I watch waves coming towards me I feel as if it’s bringing all the happiness of my life.
Langkawi is a cluster of 99 islands situated in west coast of Malaysia with turquoise sea, surrounded with jungle-clad hills and paddy fields.
One more reason why I want to visit langawi is because of the history and tale associated with the island. A tale of a love, jealousy and curse associated with a lady called Mahsuri has intrigued me. I find a connection with my native, a historical place Mysore which also revolves around a lady curse. I mean not a connection literally but the way both the name sounds. As I come from a place and family with lots of history, it always makes me thirsty for the knowledge of history.
Thanks to informative tourism website of Malaysia-http://www.tourism.gov.my. It gave me all the information I wanted as a traveller. As per information of the website, I want to rent a car and go around the island, want to experience the country side of the island and want to meet locals to learn more about the culture and understand the people there.

  • Take a cable car to the summit of mount Mat Cincang. its the 2nd highest  langkawi’s mountain
  • Boat tours organized to tasik dayang bunting(lake of the pregnant maiden), Gua cerita(caves of stories),Gua Langsir(curtaincave)
  • Trekking through pristine rain forest
  • Boat tour of the mangroves


Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

Penang is one of the places I intend to visit and experience. It is also called as Food capital of Malaysia. It’s a fusion of east and west.
The theme of the place is- EAT SEE STAY
Feast on food, see around heart fully and stay blissfully, what more can a traveller asks for?
Want to experience the sun of Penang, walk in George Town like a queen Victoria and want to feast on delicacies on hawker’s street. This is too much of an experience in one state for a traveller.

  • Visit Batu Ferrenghi beach
  • Kek Lok Si-A temple of supreme bliss and  Southern Asia’s biggest Buddhist temple also Kuan Yin Temple, Kapitan Keling mosque
  • Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, peranakan Mansion, penang Museum Art and gallery
  • Fort Cornwallis
  • Penang National museum, war park, botanical Gardens and tropical spice garden


Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

A state which is rich in flora and fauna situated in east cost of peninsular Malaysia. Trek in tropical forests, enjoy the mountain air or laze around in the sands of beaches, this exotic state has lots to offer for nature lovers. One stop for many experiences to all the nature lovers. I wouldn't miss a chance to sit in a hill station of Pahang and enjoy my cuppa for anything.

  • Genting Higlands-A city of entertainment
  • Tioman Island-A perfect holiday getaway and it was a location of Hollywood musical-‘south pacific’1959
  • Taman Negara-National park
  • Cameron highland
  • Fraser’s hill
  • Kuala Gandah Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary


Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

According to the traveller's Bible-it's a sin not to experience Sabah if you are travelling in Malaysia,pun intended.I wouldn't miss a chance to experiencing the underwater universe in Sipadan Island.This would be a life time  experience I want to dive down and feel the marine world and want to be a part of the aqua world at least for a while. Certainly this one is not for a faint hearted , but a person like me who lives life on the edge, It would be an adventure that gives me the thrill I always crave for.Apart from diving in sipdhan Islands, there is lot do and see in sabh. It is a place with unique culture. 
Check more about sabah Here
Kuala Lumpur

Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

If I don’t experience Kuala Lumpur, The fashionista in me would never forgive me. The top priority in Kuala Lumpur for me is-SHOP SHOP SHOP TILL I DROP. It’s a shopper’s paradise and has wide range of options for a shopaholic like me. I want to do street fashion photography for my blog posts and want to keep my fashionista in me very happy.Apart from shopping Kuala Lumpur has lots to offer for a traveller.Petronas twin tower-world’s largest twin tower is one of the main attractions here. When I was doing research about Kuala Lumpur something caught my attention that is-National Textile museum. I don’t want to miss this one for anything. This exhibits heritage clothing worn by different communities in Malaysia. This would be an experience which I am surely going to enjoy.
Check more info about Kuala lumpur-Here
One more thing I would love to experience in Kuala Lumpur is Sepang international circuit. 

Paradise of Asia- Malaysia

I am a big time car lover and following F1 for years. Always dreamt being a Rally Car Driver and took part in few local rallies. I have done mention-able adventures in my car and I would love to feel the adrenaline rush inside me, being in sepang circuit.My trip to Malaysia would be incomplete without visiting sepang circuit.

Malaysia has lots to offer for a traveler and it’s a one place for many experiences. For a traveller every country is his/her own country.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.

Martin Buber

Love yourself


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  1. Yes, even I was at Sepang... driving the Michelin F1 car. And I had a great time photographing the Petronas Tower reflections in the puddles after a freak rain. KL is a beautiful city.

    Loved your post...

    Arvind Passey

    1. Arvind Ji-wish I get a chance to drive F1 car in Sepang,its a dream come true...

  2. An informative post! Loved the fact that you have included useful websites to help your readers. All the best for the contest :)

    1. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment Kushboo :)

  3. Nice Post
    All the best for the contest !

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