Thursday, 20 March 2014

One of the memories I carry from my childhood is my passion for handicrafts. My childhood weekends and vacations always spent with making one or other artistic crafts. My favorite was knitting, embroidery and making stuff dolls. Every time I finish doing a handicraft, I’d tell my mother that I am going to sell my craft and fill my piggy bank with loads of money. My mum’d laugh and say-Arts are for just satisfaction of life but not to make a living out of it. Later in life, just joined the rat race of life and my passion for handicrafts are just hidden somewhere in back of mind.
All are not like me or the so called protagonist clad of the society. There are people who live their lives for Arts. Make their living out of their artistic skills. They dream and they express their dreams through arts and also expect making their living also whichever hardly meets. It’s a story of every artist in the world.
Ragurajpur, a heritage craft village situated in Puri district, odisha.village which has given many artists to the world. Village is known for a painting form called pattachitra.Every next person you meet in the village are masters of pattachitra paintings. This village is also famous for crafts like Tussar paintaings, Palm leaf engravings, and stone and wood carvings, wooden, cowdung and papier Mache toys and masks.

Unfortunately this heritage village is neglected by government and exploited by middle men who purchases their hard work crafts for throw away price and sells in the modern art gallery for unbelievable prices. These artists spend hours and days to finish one art work by straining their eyes. Unfortunetly their hard work is never been compensated well and underappreciated   because of the lack of exposure to the modern world.

Now they are looking for a platform where they can interact directly with the buyers and sell their art crafts for justified price without the interference of middle men. An initiative by Tata Capital-Do it right#campaign is helping to create a desired platform for the artists of Ragurajpur by creating a website which would help these artists to show case their finest art work to the world and reach every art lovers in all the corners of the world.
Here is my request-donate money to help artists of Ragurajpur to build a website or just spread the message around the cyber world, so these people get justified recognisation. DONATE

It’s time to #do it right


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