Wednesday, 26 March 2014


For a change let’s not talk Kejri, Rahul or Modi. Let's talk about the fateful MH370. Here are a few things that have been going on in my mind -

1. Supposedly Inmarsat picked up the location of the "probable" debris. They have no physical evidence. Let's wait and watch how that turns out. I seriously doubt them finding any, considering that depth of ocean at the alleged crash site ranges from 1,500 - 7,000 meters. This mystery is going to deepen more if no debris is found. 

2. Pilot suicide?! The pilot's wife moved out, his political affiliation, blah blah ... Well if that was the case, what was the co-pilot doing?! Why did the pilot have to go off course thousands of miles to kill himself? Why didn't he do it much earlier?? What are the chances of both the pilots wanting to kill themselves at the same time? And if suicide was the intention why turn off communication from flight to ATC?

3. Hijack?! ... With two people with fake passports on board that seems quite possible. But then you tend to question, why No demands, no fundamentalists of any sort owning up. For Christ's sake even Taliban didn't own up ... And those guys own up to anything, including bar brawls. 

4. Technical issue?! What's the probability of something going so wrong that the plane goes on to a totally different flight path, drops off radar, cuts communication to ATC and cannot manage to do an emergency landing at one of the closer airports or on non-hostile waters. Pilots can answer this better ... But seems very unlikely. I don't buy the possibility of all people on board losing consciousness (The drop in cabin-pressure theory). 

IMHO the governments and agency's searching for the plane, the airline, and the Malaysian government is just as clueless as me or you. Unfortunately they are "expected" to know things, but clearly they don't!! 

The plane is lost is a fact, all the people on board are dead is a hypothesis based on everyone involved clearly not knowing what the fuck happened to that plane or why it happened. 

What do you guys feel? What's your hypothesis?! Do you think we should look at some of the fringe theories?! 

... Or do you think we should stop worrying about the plane and just go back to talking Kejri, Modi and Rahul ... And taking personal jabs at each other??


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