Saturday, 29 March 2014


Its summer time!!! As the weather changes, skin care routine also changes. Here are 5 quick beauty tips for summer.
1->Moisturizer and sunscreen is must throughout the year, but during summer our skin needs extra sunscreen because of the harsh sun rays. If you are out door remember to apply every 2 hours once. Invest on good sunscreen. 

2->Carry umbrella or Hat or a scarf to cover yourself from harsh sun rays. These are essential accessories to carry in your hand bag during summer.

3->Keep your body hydrated as you tend to sweat a lot during summer. 

4->Drink plenty of water and also don’t say NO for coconut water.Avoid spicy food, oily food, and heavy meet food as it can cause digestive problems. Remember what you eat reflects on your face.

5->Keep your make up very minimal. Who wants heavy makeup when weather is sticky and humid outside?

Love yourself


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