Sunday, 9 February 2014

How do you feel if your bra unhooks in public? You are in a middle of the meeting with your colleague crush and your bra just snaps opens, how would be your expression??



Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has introduced a new bra, which unhooks on its own, when you are with your true love. This innovative bra has an inbuilt sensor which is connected to smart phone application. Sensor monitors  your heart rate and sends signals to linked phone app which analyses the signals, If the heart rate exceeds-‘The true Love rate’, this bra just unhooks on its own.
Don’t worry; it won’t snap open during running,walking or any kind of other high heart rate physical activity. It is designed to understand and differentiate between the heart rate increase due to physical activity and due to your hormonal activity because of romantic feelings.
This bra is an amalgamation of fashion and technology.

watch this video for more information

This bra doesn't unhook until and unless you have true feelings for him. Even if a man tries to open he can’t,In video many men try to unhook the bra which goes waste. Ravijour lingerie company says,this bra is not for sale yet.It was launched on 10th anniversary of Ravijour brand as a publicity campaign.

I wonder how women unhooks this bra after wearing it?or she needs to wait till she meets her true love to take out the bra finally?
Love yourself
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