Thursday, 13 February 2014

Once it comes to gym and women, there are zillions of myths in air which makes women stereo-typically follow those myths as if it’s a golden rule. Here are few myths

# Top 5 myths about women and gym


#Myth-1 Women go to gym only to lose weight

Truth-One of the biggest myth, as if only over weighted women are meant to go gym. Every woman has different goal, few goes to gym to gain weight, few wants to improve their health, few wants to build strength and it’s every women’s personal choice regarding what she wants out of working out.

#Myth-2 Weight training is not for women

Truth-Another male dominated myth-woman shouldn't train like men!!!
Yes few women shouldn’t choose dead lifts it’s only because it doesn’t suit for their purpose of goal it’s not because she is a woman and she can’t lift weight. That myth has been widely spread by men who think women are delicate darlings. If you want to be toned and shaped you need push yourself to lift little extra weights

#Myth 3-Should do only cardio if you want to lose weight

Truth-This one is a Hilarious Myth. Keep running till you lose weight….Yes cardio is essential part of weight loss program but it’s not the only one. Cardio and strength training has to go hand in hand. Building muscles helps to lose more calories than cardio alone hence results is weight loss. strength training helps to increase body metabolism and decreases body fat and also builds lean muscle mass.

#Myth 4-Weight training makes women bulky

Truth-This one is another stupid Myth to keep women away from weights. Weight training doesn’t make women bulky because it is genetically impossible. Women have very less testosterone hormone in her body which is not sufficient to make muscle bulky. The only way women can get bulky by taking hormone shots or steroid shots.

#Myth 5-Crunches make you to lose belly fat

Truth- do crunches to lose belly fat, another NO head or Tail myth. Remember there is no spot reduction in work outs. If you want to lose belly fat, you need to lose overall body fat which in turn helps you to get rid of belly fat. Crunches helps you to strengthen your abs, but it doesn’t do spot reduction. It also increases the metabolism around your stomach area which in turn contributes in reducing belly fat, only if you are working out entire body and losing over all body fat.

Love yourself
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