Monday, 10 February 2014

Hello friends,
Here I am asking you all to take few minutes of your time and read this post. In one of my earlier post I mentioned about organization called Milap and spoke about their campaign for helping former devdasis of Karnataka and the campaign name is #The Hope Project.
Please Read more about it in my earlier post-Loan a Little, Change a Lot- HERE
Here I am asking you all to help this campaign. As I said it’s not a charity organization. Borrowers receive money as a loan and they pay back in a time frame given. Please lend these deserving people and mark a change in their lives.
Least amount you can lend is 500Rs (25 $).we spend 500Rs in a coffee shop or for a movie, can’t we sacrifice 500Rs to bring happiness in someone’s life?

Here are the profiles I have chosen as borrowers, please click on links to lend some money and to be a part of making a change in someone’s life J

Muttavva Belanki and Group

Your loan will help Muttavva Belanki and Group to increase their small scale tailoring and agricultural businesses

Please click here to lend-Milap

Your loan will help Ranjan Shedbal and Group  to expand the capacity of kirana and goat rearing businesses.

Please click here to lend-Milap

Your loan will help Sumitra Kamble and Group to expand buffalo and goat rearing businesses

Please click here to lend-Milap

Please friends,open your heart and help these profiles to secure their lives.Once again they are not asking for charity,all they need is loan to prove themselves as entrepreneurs and secure their kid's life.

Thanks in advance and I am sure many of my friends will join hands in #The hope campaign


  1. Nice post, and hope the campaign becomes a success :)

  2. Nice post, bief, concise and to the point. Sorry for making a generic comment like this but I guess this is one best way to send message across :)