Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Is it a good idea to share your Facebook or any email account Passwords with your partner or spouse?
Yes healthy relationship is based on mutual trust and transparency between couples, but sharing passwords is the bench mark for trust? Reading each other’s mails is the heights of transparency?

I did lots of research (thanks to Google) on this topic before I decided to write on it.
According to me in majority of the cases sharing password is nothing but writing your own death sentence of your own relationship.
Why one go to the extent of sharing passwords?
  • Insecurity of losing partner, Just to prove all I have is you in my life, leads to do that.
  • To prove I m a open book in front of partner
  • To say I have nothing to hide.
Yes it’s a good idea to make your partner feel secure and not to hide anything from him or her. But sharing your password is one of the options?
Nooo!!! it can lead to many things.
Let's speak about a scenario. ..
Your colleague sends you a mail or message in Facebook asking you out for a drink or coffee. You can’t be rude to him or her because opposite person is behaving oneself decently. So you deny at your best, giving one of the lame reason. You don’t want to say you have someone in life, because you are not comfortable sharing your personal life in office or Maybe be you don’t know exactly where your relationship is heading before making it public . Lets see what all possible damages may happen in this scenario if your partner reads that?
  • -he or she may think you are interested in that person
  • -may even get angry because you did not reveal your relationship status.
  • -leads to unnecessary doubts which doesn’t have head and tail.
  • -ultimately break up on the grounds of infidelity!!!
Do you want to lose someone who is just meant for you just over a meaningless online conversations?
Now a days many who break up blame Facebook, because one found out his or her partner commenting or liking one's picture or status update.  that made the partner think he or she is cheating on him or her...
We are just humans, some times we just tend to flirt with opposite person without any intention. A normal conversation may lead to little bold talking and flirting which actually doesn't mean anything for you or even for the person who just had a talk but your partner also takes that conversation in same way as you took it? So why do u need to ignite fire in paradise for no reasons?
Have you ever thought, your best friend sends you a mail of utmost confidential matter, trusting you and that friend of yours has no slightest idea that someone else is also reading your mail. don’t you think you are betraying someone who is also trusting you?
Another side effect of sharing passwords after break up..
  • -your partner may start stalking you online after break up.
  • -may use your account to take revenge on you by sending sexual contents online using your account.
  • -may commit cybercrime using your account and put you to go through legal consequences.
You may think I can change password after break up. Remember there is always loopholes to retrieve passwords once someone had an access to your account, especially if your partner is techie one.

Both the partners should respect each other’s privacy. Reading each other’s life online is not healthy way of trusting each other.
If your partner decided to take route of infidelity, you can't stop it. Every cheater find his own way to do it. What if he or she has another email account just to cheat on you? What if he or she gives you a rosy picture of her life on social online circle and has dark side account also?
Can you put password to your partner's brain or heart  and get an access and understand what exactly is going on?
So best way is believe your instincts. If you feel your partner is up to something, have one on one talk and resolve it, If not convinced get out the relationship.
Passwords sharing just leads to complications in majority of people than maintaining a transparency in relationships.
So don’t share your password or don’t expect to know your partner's passwords.
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Love yourself that’s the best way to know what is good or bad for you....

Love yourself
Knitha.urs JJJ