Monday, 10 February 2014

It’s not an easy task to stay fit and shape in busy lifestyle. But remembering and following few healthily habits helps one to stay fit and shape.These tips may help for those who has achieved their weight loss goal
6 Simple Ways to Stay in Shape

1-Say no to sugar

If you have just finished weight loss program and achieved your goal, you should keep an eye on your sugar intake. Sugar just makes your fat cells to go to storage mode, which in turn becomes a stubborn fat and increase in weight.

2-Do not skip your meal

Skipping meal doest help one to loose weight. It just alters your body metabolism and leads to many other health issues. Cutting calories in your diet helps in weight loss but not skipping meal

3-Make time for exercise

For over all body well being, physical activity is a must. Even if you have achieved your weight loss goal, still body needs exercise to maintain it. Take out some time for exercise.

4-Say no to Aerated drinks

They actually make you Fat!!..Avoid soda and opt for fresh fruit juice.

5-Keep your Body Hydrates

After all human body contains nearly 90% of water. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Hydration is a key of staying healthy.

6-Sleep well

Stress not only affects your mind it also affects your body. Sleeping well and relaxing your mind directly helps your body to stay in shape and fit.

Love yourself
Knitha.urs JJJ


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