Friday, 10 January 2014


Nude Nail polish need not match your skin colour.It can go little contrast to your complexion.Choosing a perfect nude nail paint for your complexion can be tricky one.Only way to find out your perfect nude is trial and error method.

My suggestion to choose Nude nail polish
Fair skin-pinkish/brown  based nude
Olive/tanned skin-peach/ greyish/ brown based nude
Dark skin-Orange/red based nude

When to use Nude nail polish
There are certain occasions where your nail paint need to look sober and match with your look.If you are attending a interview,you cant wear a loud nail polish,as it doesn't go with your professional look-opt for nude nail paint.
For your daily office wear
If you are not able to decide a proper nail paint to go with your outfit,just switch to nude.

If you have long nails,go for french manicure,as it also come under Nude nail paint catagory,You can also play with different colours at the tip,instead of regular white or nude colours.

TIP- wear a bright finger ring to enhance the elegance of your nail.

Love yourself


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