Monday, 27 January 2014

It’s always confusing to decide on makeup tools to buy. Many times we pick up plenty of tools during shopping which may go waste. Here are few must own make up tools for all time.
Must Own Make-up Tools

Lip stick or gloss is best applied with Lip brush than directly. Brush application helps in avoiding color over lapping with lip line and lipstick stays longer. Brush application helps in giving good shape to your lip.
Eye lash Comb
Don’t forget to comb your eyelashes before and after applying mascara so that your lash doesn't look clumsy.
Mascara Wand
It helps in removing excess of mascara left on eye lashes and also helps in shaping your Eye brow and lashes. Easily available in Beauty shops. If you have an old Mascara brush, wash it thoroughly and dry it and use it as a Mascara Wand.
Foundation application Brush and Blush application Brush
Buy 2 different brushes for foundation application and blush application.Don't use a same brush for both. These 2 brushes are manufactured differently keeping its usage, foundation brushes are thick.
Eye shadow Applicator

Can buy either eye shadow brush or disposable eye shadow applicator sponge.

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