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One of the external causes for premature skin aging is determined by lifestyle decision you make everyday.What you decide with your life style directly influences on your skin. Unhealthy life style choices makes your skin age faster.
Aging skin;5 habits that make your skin age faster
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Here are few examples

Sun exposure

Exposing your skin directly to the sunlight can lead to major skin damages.UV light damages the fibers present in skin called elastin which is responsible to maintain elasticity of the skin. Damaged elastin leads to skin sagging and stretching thus pre mature skin ageing.

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking accelerates the skin aging process more than sun exposure. It causes wrinkles on the face by narrowing blood vessels in the outer layer of skin by damaging the connective fibers which in turn causes wrinkles.

Alcohol Consumption

Abusing your body with excess of alcohol majorly influences on skin. Alcohol makes blood vessels in the skin to widen and increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin hence causing the flushed look on face. It also leads to dehydration which leads to dry skin. Dry skin leads to fine lines on the face which makes one look older than their age.

Stress and sleeping less

Stress, sleep and appearance all go hand in hand. Stressing usually leads to sleepless nights for many which give dark circle and bags under your skin. Stress and lack of sleep first affects your facial skin.Have'nt u heard face is the index of your mind?

Excess sugar Intake

Excess sugar intake, not only responsible for stubborn extra waistline but also responsible for premature skin ageing. Sugar goes through a natural process in our body called Glycation, which damages collagen and elastin, the protein fibers that keeps your skin firm and elastic.

Adopt healthy life style and stay young 

Love yourself
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