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I attended Indi blogger meet in association with Milap for #The hope project on 15th December held in Bangalore. It was my first blogger’s meet and I was quite excited. It was quite an experience to meet the fellow bloggers with whom I interact in virtual world regularly

Purpose of this Indi meet was #hope project by milap.I’m jubilant to come across Milap.Milap Is an organization helping  well deserving poor working class of people by lending a small amount of money to change their lives for betterment. It’s not a charity organization, every borrower pays back to the lender.Milap is doing tremendous job in changing the way of funding for needy people. I have come across many organizations who are working on betterment of downtrodden society of India. Here we contribute money but we never know how it is utilized or it served the purpose.Milap is a different platform, where money is not treated as charity, it is a loan given for the needy people and which they will pay back. Can contribute to a student who pays back after his studies, A helpless woman who needs a small amount to start a tea stall, who would give back the money once her business starts rolling, A man who wants to provide a basic necessity to his family eg-toilet but he can’t afford. In simple lending money for needy hard working people, who respects money and utilize it for making their lives better. Isn’t a nice and righteous way of helping needy people? Milap gives a platform to lenders to choose their borrowers by displaying their profile in milap website. Also can follow a borrower’s progress.
#TheHope Project is a campaign to inspire urban masses towards empowering rural women through small contributions. What makes this project special is that the women in this case are ex-Devadasis and the possibility of self-reliance through entrepreneurship is a ray of fierce hope for them.
Devdasi is an old practice which still exists in villages of northern Karnataka and other parts of India. Young girls who are not even experienced their women hood are forced into this system in the name of God, who are suppose to stay unmarried throughout their lives and serve sexual needs of rich and powerful people around. I would call this system as an organized prostitution in the name of god. Indian Law banned this practice in 1988 .Though its outlawed and illegal, still women are forced into this atrocious practice.
seetavva-ex devdasi and activist

Girls who are forced to become devdasi are belong  socially  and economically down casted class or children’s of devdasis,because they are easy targets to tame in this demeaning system of devadasi.When I heard the stories of devdasis from former devdasi  and activist seetavva  in Indi meet, I learnt money is only reason behind this practice. Every women’s story is almost same behind being devdasi.They were forced to the system because family needed money, later they had to continue in the system to take care of their childrens and for thier own survival, later children’s got into the system because they are not accepted in our well cultured society, it’s a cycle where chain can broke only if a woman decides to get to but it’s not a easy escape for many other reasons. Whom do we blame here? Family who forced these young girls into the system or rich class of people who started this system in the name of god for their own disgraced selfish needs? It’s a vivacious cycle where women can’t escape because of the stigma attached to them. They don’t get decent jobs as the name devdasi is stamped on their fate or their kids can’t venture out in this society as their mothers are devdasis.
Though it’s difficult to escape from this system, there are women who have shown bravery to step out of this atrocious system and trying to make their life and lead a respectable life inside a society. My SALUTE to those women. Our government and many NGO’s are helping them but it’s not sufficient. They need lots of helping hands to meet their needs and live a decent life. The Hope project is all about helping these socially abused women to make them financially independent. Only way for these women to get rid of the stigma attached to them is being financially independent. All these women are hard working women and want to be an entrepreneur in their own way. These women are insecure about their children’s future; they want to give a better life for them. Especially women with daughters are afraid about their daughter’s future. They live in a fear when would their long gone family will resurface and force their daughters into this devdasi system again. Only way for them to secure their daughter’s future is being financially independent and making strong profile in the society they live.
Milap already has a successful story of an ex-devdasi who has become entrepreneur.Mahananda was ex devdasi, now makes her living out of tailoring business which is flourishing. And her daughter is receiving a good education. She is out of the cycle and her daughter will never be a part of her inspiring video to know more about her journey of life.

There are many mahanadas who are self determined to get their virtue back and hard working to make a way for their children to lead respectable life but they need help. These women are not expecting a charity, all they want is loan.
I would ask all my readers and friends to go to milap page and search for a profile you would like to lend money and help them. You can fund as minimum as 500Rs (25$) and follow their progress and enjoy the satisfaction of being responsible for changing someone’s life. We spend 500 rs in one pizza joint or a coffee shop but it also can make a change in someone’s life. Let’s join hands, let’s lend and let’s be responsible for someone’s well being.
I am planning to put up a contribution page for Milap in my blog as my birthday is nearing and want make my birthday unique this time.If you all want to think and do your research about this project before lending your hard earned money can wait till March.Let us all be a part of #The hope project
Let’s be a part of the change friends.

Love yourself



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