Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I know I am late with my golden globe awards post.Its better to be late than never(guilty).let me stop my rants for being late and lets start fashion patrolling.Award events are to mark an achievements for celebrities and for fashion lovers like us-time to talk about who wore what and who looked at their best and worst *Grin & Giggles *

Lets start our fashion patrolling and will see who became fashion disaster on red carpet of golden globes.Time to issue few tickets girls*wink*


Sandra Bullock

Golden Globes-2014:

I am your big fan but you disappointed me this time. You are in a fashion offender list baby. You lost it with tri color Prabal gurang gown. Baby pink bodice just made you look like someone trying to get over middle age crisis. Baby you rock at 49, hope you don’t disappoint us in 2014.

Verdict-see your shrink soon and get over the crisis.


    Julia Robert

Golden Globes-2014:

Even your million dollar smile can't forgive this fashion offence. For god sake you were in The golden globe award’s red carpet not on a corporate event…..Your dolce and gabbana dress didn’t impress us.

Verdict-hire someone to give Fashion updates


Jennifer Lawrence 

Golden Globes-2014:

You were Big no no for fashion lovers in Dior gown. You    looked like a snow man with a black duct tape around.    Hope you don’t offend the fashion again in 2014.

Verdict-Fire your stylist

Zoe Saldana

Golden Globes-2014:

Pink half shoulder and black with net at the bottom by Prabal gurang  just looked like overly designed. I admire your figure but this dress just made You a fashion offender. Accessories also didn’t do the justice.

Verdict-Change your Designer

I will stop giving tickets for this Event now though there are still many in a que.Its just a start of the year and many more events to come,hope you all improve your fashion sense and give us chance to drool over your looks.good luck girls and remind you again we are watching you all *wink*

Love yourself
Knitha.urs JJJ


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