Monday, 13 January 2014


After trying N no of foundations finally I got a perfect foundation for my skin-Dior Airflash spray foundation.this product caught my eyes 2yrs back.I am happy with product  and bought this product twice but I am also not happy with the product.Wondering what am I blabbering??Read further…
I like this product because it gives full coverage.Texture wise,this product is very light as a mist and amazingly blends with skin with its unique micro-diffusion technology.I have good number of blemishes on my face,this foundation  tactfully covers all my scars and spots.I don’t need a layer of concealer before using this product.I have used this product with primer and without primer both the time results are good.Unlike many other foundations which gives painted/masked look,this one actually gives natural look with a instant coverage in a no time.
How to use this product
Hold it 20cm away from your face,spray it evenly on skin and blend it using sponge or brush.
Another way is-Spray it directly on brush and blend it evenly on face.
Need to go through trial and error method to master the perfect way for one to use it.
product claims to give a airbrush effect ,it does.But need to master the trick of application with trial and error method.This product is quite expensive for Indian standards and quantity doesn’t last long,so every time I wasted this product on my face for trial,I have literally cried.(this is why I am unhappy)
I have used this one,just for contouring ,it worked well.

-Easy to use(once you get the right trick)
-Gives full coverage
-Covers all the spots leaving your skin radiant and natural
-Very light on skin
-can be used by all skin types

-Very expensive
-Easily not available in India(Available only in Dior outlets in specific malls.I picked it up in Lifestyle)
-quantity doesn’t last long

My rating
Price-3/5  (Its about 3800 for 70 ml)
I have sensitive skin and after using this product I didn’t see any break outs.I use shade 400 for my complexion.I have whitish Indian skin tone.It stays very long,I observed after a while my skin leaving out the oil but it held up very well.

I would recommend this product,though its expensive,its worth buying.As I said its difficult to find this product in store in India,but its easily available online.Check it out HERE to buy this product.try out this product,Be a dazzling Diva with Radiant,flawless look.


  1. Yes at last someone has reviewed it. Seems to be good, however, I guess is better to be used by professional makeup artists. Great that you have pointed out on the wastage factor.