Friday, 31 January 2014

Who doesn’t like delicious juicy fruit ORANGE? This citrus family fruit has impressive list of nutrients, Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin-C, A, B and minerals like calcium and potassium, hence contributes for overall well being. Oranges are low in calories, and has no saturated fat and rich in dietary fiber.
Beauty Benefits Of Orange

It has many health benefits but here I am mainly focusing on beauty benefits of orange fruit.

Anti-oxidant & Anti-Aging properties

Orange is rich in vitamin-C which is natural anti-oxidant and also has anti-ageing property.Helps in improving immunity and also fights against harmful free radicals formed by oxidation. These free radicals are responsible for skin aging.


Natural oil present in the oranges can be used to moisturize skin.

Skin Whitening property

Natural bleaching agent present in the orange peel helps in lightening the dark blotches on skin and also helps in removing Tan.

Helps in getting rid of Acne

Anti fungal and Anti bacterial property present in orange helps in getting rid of acne caused by fungus or bacteria. Citric Acid present in orange effectively dries up the acne.

Hair Conditioner

Orange juice is an excellent hair conditioner.

Promotes Hair growth

Folic acid and Vitamin B present in oranges contributes in hair growth. Insonitol is a form of vitamin B helps in preventing hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Flavonoids present in oranges increases blood circulation in scalp which in turn stimulates hair growth.

Treats Dandruff

Anti fungal property present in oranges, effectively removes the dandruff by cleansing your scalp.

Add Orange in your diet or apply tropically to get flawless radiant skin.

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