Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A perfect heels is a feminine fashion statement. It’s a must own fashion accessory in a women’s wordrobe, though it’s painful to walk on high heels, yet it is elegant and fashionable. An outfit is incomplete without a perfect pair of heels. These heels not only add height but also make your calf cut prominent by making your leg look toned and shaped.

I am a big time Heel-O-Maniac. Heels are one of my fashion obsessions. Here is my list of top 5 heels for a perfect wardrobe


Untitled #27

Untitled #27 by knithaurs featuring sparkly stilettos shoes

Stiletto is a queen of all the heels.they are typically long, thin with pointed ends.height varies between more than 2 inch upto 10 inch.A perfect alternative to look tall,but need little practice to balance on stilettos.Goes with all kind of short dresses and evening wears.


Untitled #28
Untitled #28 by knithaurs featuring wedge

These are the utter most comfortable heel type. It gives a feeling as if you are walking on flat ground. A wedge heel comes in all heights. Goes well with shorts, wrap dresses, flared jeans or pants. Though it’s comfortable to wear, I find it difficult to match with many outfits. I would suggest opting for wedges whenever you need to do lot walking around times.


Untitled #29

Kitten heels are famous as ‘young girl’s stilettos’. these type of heel is usually less than 2 inch. It’s not age biased, can wear any age group women and very comfortable to walk.  Goes with all outfits.


Untitled #30
Untitled #30 by knithaurs featuring pumps

Pumps are available in different forms like platform, pointed toe pumps, panel pumps, sling back heels pumps. With minimum height of 2 inch. They are considered next to stillotes.Goes well on any dress and especially suits for little short dresses. Comfortable to wear and can match with office wears.


These are usually moderate heels and comfortable to walk. I usually consider evening sandals as very Indian. It goes well with Indian dresses and of course with western too.

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