Saturday, 25 January 2014

Screen  Actors Guild awards 2014 held on January 18th 2014.Once again time for Fashion patrolling.Like always there are few celebrities who just don't get it right on red carpet.lets see who offended the Fashion this time.Fashion offenders be prepared for the tickets.


                              Julia Robert

SAG Awards 2014

Julia,Julia,Julia…….Whats wrong with your fashion sense pretty woman???Corporate dress in golden globes and now in pink valentino jump suit in sag have taken red carpets very casually!!!


                                        Mariah carey

SAG Awards 2014

One more fashion offender of the evening in her black dress and leather gloves.there was a costume party in a award event girl??


                                          Ariel Winter

SAG Awards 2014

We all know you love showing off your boobs…But it didn’t impress us!!!!Bad bad boobie gurl !!!


                             Meryl Streep

SAG Awards 2014

Another Fashion offender!!!! Looks like she was out on shopping and in last minute remembered Sag awards and just walked in…..


                                   Sarah Paulson

SAG Awards 2014

Sarah paul trying to look like a fairy white!! You just made fool out of yourself in white gown…wish a fashion fairy grants you boon soon!!!!

Love yourself




  1. Some people just dont know what to wear :)
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  2. thanks for following my blog maliha rao :)