Wednesday, 18 December 2013

She left her house 10minutes back, cursing the Monday morning traffic; she stopped her car obeying the red traffic signal. It just flashed in her mind that she forgot to put her TABLET in her tout bag. To make sure she fumbled in her bag and realized she is right. She saw the red signal; it said 25seconds to go green. Quickly grabbed her phone to call her mother.
She-“Mom, I left my tablet at home. I think its lying on sofa; please make sure you keep it in a safe place before sunny gets his hand on it”
She-“ok bye, any moment signal is going to turn green”; she cuts the call in a relief that she conveyed message to her mother.
After 5 minutes, her mobile started ringing-her mother calling her, and ignored as she is driving on a busy traffic. But her mother went on calling franatically.She got worried and parked her car in a side lane to answer her phone.
She-“Mom all ok”
Mom-“I checked everywhere on sofa, I couldn’t find tablet, I even pulled out all the cushions on sofa to make sure it’s not hidden, but couldn’t find, do you think sunny has taken it?”
She-“of course he has taken it!!! He is addicted to my tablet, please find him and take it from him, before he starts messing up with my tablet”
Mum cuts the call saying she will be right back. She decides to wait till her mother calls back.
After few minutes her mobile rings again, she picks up the call before the second ring
She-‘yeah mom, tell me”
Mom-“I checked sunny, I don’t think so he messed up with tablet, I shoved up my fingers into his throat and made him puke also,only to make sure he hasn’t  swallowed it”
She-“what? What did you just say? You made him puke?”
Mum-“yeah,I wanted to make sure he has not swallowed it, he even swore on something which looks like a slate, on which he plays video game, that he hasn’t  swallowed anything, I even threatened him that your medicine may make him sick and go to the doctor for injection, but he looked  innocent on this. He was quite calm and went on playing with that thing. Listen you must have kept it somewhere else, and these tablets are so tiny, must have hidden somewhere in your bag only, don’t  break your head, just go to the office”
She-“mom, what medicine are you talking about’?
Mom-“your medicine, the one you said that tablet left on the sofa”
She started laughing loudly after she understood the confusion of tablet and the generation gap between daughter and mother.
She-“mom-‘slate’, 'video game’ in his hand, that is what is called as tablet. The tablet I am referring is not medicine”
Mom-“ now a days you people come up with all sort of weird names for gadget,ok I will take care of sunny Bye”
She started driving again towards office, thinking about her Lenovo yoga tablet. It was a gift from her husband on her birthday. She smiled herself wondering about her addiction for the Tablet.
                                                                                                                                                                  Its STYLISH DESIGN makes her feel proud owner of this gadget and she doesn’t leave a single
chance to show off in front of people, it has upgraded her gadget status among her friends. She smiled at the thought of acting silly like a teenger.Tablet made her feel young as she started feeling mid age crisis recently.

Tablet’s Innovative multimode design has just stolen her heart. As the name says Yoga tablet-it really does Yoga with its Easy to hold, tilt and stand modes. She can read and browse on her tablet for hours with comfortable hold mode. She can adjust it in tilt mode for perfect viewing angle. Now she enjoys her weekend cooking because she just flicks the kick stand and places it upright on kitchen counter and watches her favorite recipe on you tube while she just follows her cooking along with the video. Its high resolution screen and amazing audio quality makes it easier for her cooking. Video calling with her friends and brother who lives in abroad has become fun time with the tablet.

She is good at taking her self obsessed pictures. Tablet’s front and rear camera has just nurtured her obsession.

She was surprised with its battery life!!! She was on overnight bus travel. She is not used to sleeping in bus travellings.She went on playing games, watching videos and browsing every now and then. She didn’t even realize when she reached her destination. She is satisfied with her tablet’s battery life as she doesn’t need to hunt around for the charging sockets where ever she is. Charge once and forget it for 18hrs is her Yoga mantra now.

She reached her office parking with the thought of her yoga tablet's features. She saw her colleague walking out of his car holding a brand new lonovo YogaTablet. She is quite jealous and sorry for leaving her tablet at home but she is very happy to be the first person to own Yoga tablet in her office and she smiled at this thought like a trend setter…

This post is for better way-lenovo yoga tablet contest held by indiblogger
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