Sunday, 1 December 2013



A perfect life with a Happy family,
Husband who earns 6 figure salary,
Kid in pre school,
Well organized life any woman ask for….
Knock knock on the door,
She wondered who is there,
Only to find a parcel left on floor.
She sighed –what kind of courier boy,
Such an idiot to leave the parcel on floor
Wondered who sent this one?
Curiously opened the parcel
Only to find a CD inside and highly perfumed blank paper.
She recognizes that perfume,
She knows who the parcel sender is,
She knows whats there inside the CD,
A past she has completely forgotten,
now teasing her in the form of CD
The perfume fragrance once she loved and craved
Now same fragrance making her life shudder
She looked at the family portrait hung on the wall
Broke down at the feeling it wont be the same anymore!!!!
One of the survey says out of 10 atleast 2 women goes through the blackmails in different ways.Majority of the time these blackmails are associated with pre marriage sexual relationships or a result of infedility.Dont encourage such black mailers and dont encourage the crime,please go to the police station and report it than feeding up the blackmailer by fulfilling his requests which would be never ending.There are good police officers who understands you as a woman and will help you to sort these kind of things confidentially.

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