Wednesday, 4 December 2013

She has watched this man’s back for a while now over her cappuccino. His shoes spoke of his richness,his jeans told her his classy taste, and his shirt spoke all about his wardrobe.He looked well built with a good height.She assumed he must be a gym freak.She wondered how to make a move?She is desperate for a glimpse of his face.She is sure,he would be a very handsome man,his back spoke alot about his unseen face.

She decided-she will make a move.Plotted a same old traditional plan and walked next to his table and purposely slipped her clutch out of her hand,which fell on the ground.The guy noticed and bent down to pick it up.She also bent down.His face is close to her now and she has not seen his face still.Her nostril flared up,wondered what the smell is and from where?She saw his face in a side glance-An unkempt,stubble smelly face even his expensive perfume not able to disguise the smell.She thought-so much for his richness and can’t afford a barber or a shaving kit.He tried striking a conversation while giving back her clutch,she just walked out without even thanking him,muttering herself-I hate that smelly stubble face!!!!

I would like to tag-Kalpana solsi ,Anmol rawat,

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