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Green Tea originates from China and consumed largely in Asian countries. In recent years, green tea has influenced in western countries because of its health benefits
I am a big fan of green tea and green tea has become a part of my routine. It has done lots of good in many ways. I suffer from rosacea and after I started drinking green tea at least 4-5 cups a day has helped to subside redness of my skin due to rosacea. Green tea is loaded with enormous anti-oxidants, which removes the free radicals, present in body due to pollution and life style we have adapted.

Green Tea for Acne

Acne is a problem everyone hates but inevitable for many as they have to go through it. Green tea helps to get rid of acne. It has anti-bacterial properties, one of the main reason for acne are tea kills the microorganisms and helps to get rid of acne.
Another factor for acne is hormonal imbalance in body. Green tea balances this sex harmones, preventing them to become ‘bioactive hormones’ hence No acne.
Drinking green tea 4-5 cups a day or applying green tea tropically helps to fight against acne.
Green Tea for anti aging
You wonder why these Chinese people look young always?Anti aging property in green tea is because of antioxidants present in it.Antioxidants removes the free radicals present in body, which damages the skin cells and reduces the wrinkle formation. Have green tea for youthful skin
Green tea for stress management
Green tea has an amino acid compound called Theanine, which helps in relieving stress and anxiety.theanine acts as anti-depressant also. Stress is also one of the reasons for skin break out and early aging. Drinking green tea everyday can help to beat stress and have glowing skin.
Green Tea as sunscreen.
Green tea is a natural sunscreen. It Blocks the UV radiation passing through your skin and damaging the skin. I usually brew green tea and refrigerate it. I wipe my hands, legs and face with cotton ball dipped in green tea. It works very well, try it out.
Green tea for Hair
Anti-oxidant-epigallocatechin gallate present in green tea boosts hair growth and prevents hair fall by inhibiting the production of molecule Tumor Nercrosis factor which is responsible for hair fall. Helps in getting rid of dandruff also.
Green tea is loaded with many beauty as well as health benefits. Here are few
-prevents cancer
-Increases immunity
-helps in weight management
-helps in managing diabetes
-helps in
-Reduces cholesterol
-keeps liver healthy
-prevents arthritis, osteoporosis.
Add green tea to your routine and enjoy the benefits.

Love yourself
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