Wednesday, 25 December 2013

I can’t express my happiness in words.I have been struggling to say that I want to be out of this relationship for a while now,thanks a lot for making it easy.
I think I owe you an explanation about unhygienic stubble.
I bowled you over my clean shaven look on our blind date and also I fell in love with your Barbie doll face.But I failed to understand nagging,insecured,irritating person behind Barbie face.You say-kissing you was like picnic in Amazon jungle.But do you ever know how frustrating to carry an Amazon jungle on my face?

My alarm may fail to wake me up every day at 7 but not your phone call.Initially it was romantic, later it became as irritating as want marathon talking in the morning where I have to go to office at 8.You even expect me to talk to you on loud speaker while I take bath.Because of your morning calls and stubbornness to talk till I reach office,I had to miss shaving.All I get to rest is weekends,which also you occupied.You don’t even let me sleep in peace on weekends;you reach my door step with one or other plans.Even if I go to bathroom,100 knocks in 5minutes-‘sweetheart, come fast,we are getting late for my favorite movie”.Your favourite movie,restaurants,parties.Ahhhaaa I just got fed up.I haven’t met my friends properly since you came into my life.I didn’t have my own space in my own life.
Baby, list goes on.Thanks for breaking up with Me and giving my life back.I have taken half day leave from office.I am going to enjoy my ME time.Shaving my beard is on my priority list..Have a good life
Happiest man on this earth
Yours EX

PS-I hate that unclean stubble too

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I am tagging  saravan kumar's, Uma's ,
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