Saturday, 7 December 2013

I am acknowledging Kalpana solsi's Tag and participating in Protest Against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S.)

He has been staring his super hero face for a while in the mirror.Those designer stubble on which his fan’s drool over is getting on his nerves.Hours of make up causes itching but he cant itch because he cant afford going through one more big round of make up touching.make up and sweat makes his beard smelly and his heroine squirms during intimate scenes because of stink.Such an insult for a hero in him,but he is helpless.I hate your smelly stubble face,has become one sentence slang for him from his wife.Other day he asked his 4yr old daughter to give him a kiss,she walked away saying-Your beard is so unhygienic,I get germs from your beard.Does all those girls who love him for his stubble,ever understand his problem?
Today he is happy.he finished his latest film shooting.He is finally going to shave off his beard,He doesn’t need this look anymore as the movie is over.He is happy to get rid of the burden on his face.once his clean shaven look bowled her(wife)over and married him.thought of clean shaven look made him feel romance in the air.
He lathered his face and positioned himself to move the razor on his face,then he heard a knock on the door and anxious voice of his manager.He went out with his lathered face to talk to him.Manager is horrified to see him with a razor in his hand.
Manager-Sir,You cant shave!
Hero-Why cant I?
Manager-Because you have signed a contract saying-till you finish new movie promotion,you will maintain your designer stubble and also you have taken $$$$ this much money to maintain this look.

He took a towel lying near by him and wiped his face muttering himself-whats the use of washing my face,either way it smells..
I am Taging kalpana solsi   Heena dhedi 

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.


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