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Time for smart safety tips for all those woman out there. In my earlier post I spoke about my life being single woman. Single or not, safety of a woman has been compromised in recent years. Bangalore-silicon valley of India, Yes this is my city. Many girls comes to this city with a dream to achieve something in life. Women work here in odd hours in IT sectors. Girls who come from different part of the country prefer Living in
paying guest accomodation,sharing flats or staying alone. Native language here is Kannada,but unlike any other city language is not a problem for other state people. Even a rickshaw driver speaks either Hindi or English. A city of many culture, many religion, many  languages. Living here and adapting to the city is very easy, That’s the one of the  reason why other state people prefer to work here and settle here. Like any other city in India even Bangalore also has its own problems once it comes to safety of a woman. Whichever part of the world is, there is always a one category people who are ruled by demon inside them. I am living in this city for 10years now and many years as a single woman. Being single, I had to learn how to be smart  to stay safe. Many bitter situations I have come across have taught me many lessons. I will put few tips what I have learnt in recent years. Hope it’s going to be helpful for some.Intelligence is not just being book-smart or a academical degree,its all about trusting your gut instincts,being intuitive, thinking outside the norm and sometimes just realizing things  need to change and being SMART enough to change.
Laughing? I am not being stupid here.Assaulter,theif,rapist whom ever it is, they are always weak minded people. They always prey someone who is weakest.Confidence is a key,sometimes you need to look like confident even when you are not inside. They don’t even come near someone who looks strong, because they can’t deal with someone who possess  strong energy.Confidence you carry in your body language and on your face can disarm the opposite person without even using any weapon. One don’t need to be physically strong to look strong. Boost up your inner confidence, by default Boldness appears on your face.

Inform where ever you are to somebody, may be a friend,family,room mate. Especially If you are using rickshaw or taxi. If it happens to take taxi in late night or in a strange place, before getting into the vehicle take down the vehicle license plate Number. Inform this to your contact on other end as loudly as you can, so it grabs driver’s attention. It’s a mind game. If  driver has any bad intentions, that would give him time to have a second thought about messing up with you. Even if you don’t have anyone to inform, No battery in your mobile, no network-there is no harm in faking it. Yes just speak loudly as if you are speaking to someone and there is someone waiting on other end. Just be smart!!!!

Pepper spray,deodorant,nail filer, anything which can come for use as a weapon in a needy hour. If nothing at least chili powder in bag. All these can save you from being a victim.
If you drive alone or ride,
Dont stop your vehicle,if someone is weaving hand for help.
Dont down your car window,if a stranger knocks especially in a remote area.If car breaks down,always keep your car showroom's helpline no.They all offer 24/7 breakdown service.

MAKE USE OF TECHNOLOGY-like Google maps, safety apps,etc.
If you are living in a metro city, even if you have lived there years-you might not have gone to the other part of the city. Now a day’s everyone uses high end mobile phones which comes with Google maps and navigations. Use it even if you are travelling in a taxi. It helps you to know you are on right direction or someone is taking you for a ride. Install safety apps like smart suraksha app in your android phones. One click you can notify 5 trustable people to come for your help in unfavorable circumstances.
Wondering?Mouth?Dont under estimate the power of mouth. Your smart mouth can save your life. If you get into a unfavorable situation-don’t panic in such situations. Start talking to the assaulter, you may scare him with your smart mouth.Again it’s a mind game. If not Use your mouth to SCREAM,SHOUT!!! To grab attention of others. If not use it to Bite him. It may sound stupid,belive me, its not. It may not be a fool proof method but can’t rule out the power of a mouth also.A FOOL FLATTERS HIMSELF,A WISE FLATTERS THE FOOL.
Don’t count money in pubic places. if you are woman happen to go out all alone by yourself, avoid wearing gold ornaments. Women are not only victim of rape but also robbery. Be wise about what and how much you carry in your hand bag.
Late night parties are the part of metro life. There is no harm in going and having some fun, but be responsible. Drink responsibily.Be aware of drink spiking. Be prepared about your transportation to get back home. I have spoken about safety measures for all those party girls in one of my blog, here is the link, go through it, it may be helpful for you-

Be careful when you need to share your personal information. Especially if you are living alone, don’t say you live alone to a stranger.Dont talk about  your personal life over the phone when you are travelling in a taxi. Be careful when you are sharing your phone no.Dont get carried away and give your information to the people who portrays as representative of XYZ bank in malls and other public places. If you need credit card, you can always call your bank and ask for assistance.Modest doubt is called the beacon of the wise,so trust your instincts.If you ever feel uncomfortable about opposite person,don’t hesitate to walk off.
Be careful while sharing your personal information online. Now a days we live our life in social medias. Attack need not to be physical, it can be a virtual also in present world. CYBER ATTACKS!!!Think before updating your face book status, remember there may be some psycho monitoring you online. Be careful about whom you add as your friends. Now a day’s updating  location has become a fashion symbol. You are giving up a information to some phony friend in your friend’s list who may be stalking you. Be careful about the pictures you post online, use privacy settings wisely,pictures can be misused or tampered to use pornographically .Dont share passwords. Technology has its own pros and cons. Make use of the pros and be careful about cons.Need not be paranoid and stop living life,Just being wise and a stitch in time saves nine.
-If  your frame of works allows you, get a dog.A furry four legged friend and a guard to your house.
-assign your local police phone no in speed dial list of your mobile. So you can call police immediately in needy hour.
-If you live in a independent house all alone by yourself, go to your local police station and report them you live alone and to assign a cop for regular patrolling near your house.Dont hesitate to do it, they don’t invade your privacy. They keep an eye on your house everyday during patrolling also they maintain a register in front of your house and writes remarks every day.
-Don’t open the door without checking who is it in peep hole even if you are expecting someone you know at that hour of the time.
-be friendly with your neighbours.You need them if you get into crisis.
-keep chili powder handy.
-Always get the identity verification of your maid, driver ,any house hold servant.
-Dont keep valuables at home.

I hope my tips are going to be handy to all those women who live alone and on their way of achieving their dreams.Women may look weaker but she posses a great inner streangth.A wise mind can win any physical strength .Be strong and face the world confidently.GIRL!!!YOU HAVE TO BE SMART,EASY DAYS ARE OVER..:-)

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