Saturday, 30 November 2013

                      MY [PARA]NORMAL F***ING STORY

 2Am in the morning and I’m lying on my bed wide awake. I heard a noise, someone walking on terrace. I wanted to get out of my bed and check it out, but too scared. What if there is a ghost?
I closed my eyes. Again I heard something somewhere; I think it was dog howling somewhere. Now I was even more scared to open my eyes. I don’t remember when I fell asleep after that.
Next day morning, all these previous night's incidents started bothering me.I called up my mother to share these things with her. My mother being my mother started lecturing me it’s all because of being insomniac. I am the real ghost who is awake at that hour of the night. She even said-empty mind is DEVIL'S work shop and I am the devil. She even suggested me to look for a flat mate. I being Knithaurs,didn’t agree with her,i am sure there is some PARA NORMAL ACTIVITY going on in my flat.
Too disturbed about my previous night’s incidents. Only place to search for all unanswered questions-Google, I started googling about Para normal activity. I spent entire day reading about this as if I am doing a PhD on spirits. It suggested first to look all practical sides before coming for a conclusion. As it suggested I thought I will find out what's the noise I heard  on terrace(My flat is on last floor),so went to the watch man  to ask about it. He said, he usually goes to the terrace in the mid night to check the water tank there as recently apartment’s water pump is giving trouble in pumping the water to over head tank. So the spirit I assumed on terrace is deleted from my note pad. But still not convinced. After reading many articles for hours on google, I wasn’t ready to give up on my stand about paranormal activity in my flat. Not ready to accept it’s all because of my insomnia.
I went on with my Google research with a bowl of peanuts. I read about few Apps which detects and records paranormal activity. Started checking for these apps on my Iphone, amazingly I got list of free apps!!!!I downloaded quite a few. That night as an app suggested I left one of the paranormal voice recording app ON. Though the recording is on for 10-20hrs it only records paranormal sounds. I went to bed with the app on and don’t remember when I fell asleep that night.
Next day morning, moment I woke up I checked the app and played the recording. It had 5min of recording, I played. First 2min it was full of my fan’s rattling noise, and then I heard this NOISE!!!!I heard an unexplained sound. I freaked out!!!!Same time I am happy I proved my point on paranormal activity in my flat. I immediately called my mum to inform. I gave her a lecture for about 15min about the app I discovered on Google (I was flying for being such a good Google researcher) then I played this recording for her. Even she freaked out after hearing the unexplained sound. She suggested me to go to the temple nearby, even she said, she will speak to one of her friend who knows a tantric.
My entire day went on goggling about what and how to sort out Para normal activity. I even called up few friends’ to tell about this incident and made them listen to my recording. I would rather say I was more on cloud 9 like an achiever that I found out something about paranormal activity in my flat than as a victim of Para normal activity. I told this story to whom ever ready to listen and even made them hear my recording. I went through that recording at least zillion times that day.

Same night around 10pm, I was sitting with my bowl of peanuts and was watching TV. My stomach was giving warnings of letting out some gas. As I’m so cautious about farting when I am in public unconsciously I was avoiding letting it go. At one point, I realized I am not in public and I am all alone in my own house and I am free to fart.I let the gas get out of my tummy. I thought it would be a silent one but ended up with a big noise. Now-I am like I know this noise, I know this noise!!! I have heard it before!!!! Where??All it took was few seconds to realize.I started laughing loudly; even my bowl of peanuts fell down (culprit behind my fart).Noise captured by the app was my Frat. SO much for a paranormal activity recording App. I picked up my phone to call my mum to tell her about my (Para) Normal farting story .....