Saturday, 30 November 2013

Live life in Colours
                                                                          Live it up   
                                                                         Drink it down                
                                                                        Party hard…..
This was my matra during my wild days.
       Its sin to stay at home on Saturday night was my belief.
   club hopping was my hobby,
   Party,Party,Party was my only mantra those days
   yeah those wild days filled with lots of fun,night outs,
   party hard and nurse my hangover next day morning……
   I still love partying. now work is the priority and never get to do those wild stuff often.
  Here I go with my Bacardi Breezer cranberry flavour stories 

I’m a whiskey person but love cocktails.I was holidaying in Goa-I’m a beach bum. on one fine afternoon in a goa beach,i wanted a cocktail which goes with my mood.I was in a small shack near the beach and I’d call a waiter only a bartender there.I went through the cocktail menu,I was wondering wheather I get a good cocktail in this shackled shack or should I just stick on to beer??I was lost inside the menu and the bartender offered me  his own signature cocktail.I was Like-what the hell?a mere waiter Is offering me his own signature cocktail in this small shack? Thought will play along with him,i told him-I prefer white rum based cocktail.He said he"ll be back in 5min and  he sticked on to his words.He came with a cocktail glass and content looked appealing.I told myself-look can decisive,don’t  come for a conclusion.he served me the glass and I sipped-HMMMMM its heaven!!! I just loved it…Then I asked him about the cocktail.he said its just a Bacardi white rum and bacardi cranberry breezer.He says its his signature cocktail because he never failed to impress his shack customer’s with this cocktail.I was Impressed and I don’t remember how many glasses I gulped through the entire holiday.

I just got hooked on to Cranberry breezer and Bacardi white rum combination and started drinking on my club night outs often.This is the story I carry as a memory for entire life associated with cranberry flavoured bacardi breezer.

I started living with my parents after I finished my college and going out of the house on Saturday night on  late night partying used to be very difficult.So I had to start planning from Monday itself to find reasons and ways to convince my parents to stay out long enough on Saturday night.It used to be like mission on priority those days.If I cant convince my parents,I used to sneak out of the house after my parents go to sleep,luckily they were early to bed pe0ple.sneak out of the house and walk till road end where my friend used to wait-Friends who are partners in crime!!!and take off to the party.succeeded many times but there are nights I got caught when I tried sneaking back to home after party.I was a good kid in many ways so my parents didn’t have option other than accepting me with my wild side.Theory behind drinking cranberry breezer with rum was-I always thought fruity flavor of breezer subsides the alcohol stink in my body.I couldn’t afford getting caught by my parents with alcohol reeking breath at odd hour of the worked for me so sticked on to my Bacardi breezer cocktail recipe.Its my theory and worked for me,please try it on your own risk.Bacardi breezer is always be a part of my wild days!!!!!!!
Bacardi breezer has very less alcohol content,so can go on drinking long hours.Cranberry looks attractive to me,those red slim,sleek and sexy bottles always catches my interest.
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·         Don't drink and drive

Love yourself

{all the above images taken from google.}this post is a part of catch the flavour contest(bacardi breezer)held by indiblogger.


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