Sunday, 24 November 2013


                                        Married at 14,
                                                          Mother at 15,
                                                         Widow at 17,
                                                        A little girl became a woman even before 18….

She decided the day her brother-in-law raped her in front of her 2yr old daughter that she wouldn’t let this happen to her daughter one day. She saw many unanswered question in her little  girl’s almond shaped widened and frightened eyes. He said She is obliged to comply him for the food he puts on their plate…she is really obliged to comply him??Same night she fled away from the remote village to a big city…
Life is not easy…
Chase for food, clothing and shelter…
She became a rag picker, house maid, cleaner anything for food, clothing and shelter.
One day she saw her reflection in her daughter’s eyes, as if little eyes are asking her-I am also going to be a rag picker like you oneday?My fate is also sealed to be like yours? She decided life is not all about food,shelter and clothing, her daughter wouldn’t be a rag picker or maid or anything, she wouldn’t live in a rundown place like this, and yes she will have better life. That night she found a purpose to live. Night ended with a silent promise to her daughter.
Next day morning, her daughter started her schooling…
At the age of 20, she worked day and night for her daughter...
Determined, not to let her poverty to decide her daughter’s fate…
Protecting herself and the little one from the vulture’s like her brother-in-law in big city.
Hail,storms nothing stopped her from working hard for her daughter….
Now in her late 30s… HER daughter’s convocation day…sitting in a big hall in a front row,She looked at those almond eyes and she searched for her reflection, but all she could find was a gratitude filled eyes, which said I am your daughter and I will not have a life like yours, you promised me once, you will not let me have your life, you did it. By then her daughter’s name was announced, she graduated…..and entire hall roared with applause but no sound couldn’t overtake her joy and pride of that moment.
Sitting in the crowd, who doesn’t even have an idea of her life, among all those parents who lived an organized life, an uneducated, young widow from a remote village who lived a rag picker’s life silently raised the bar in her daughter’s eyes…Indeed THIS TIME SHE RAISED THE BAR!!!!!

love yourself


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