Saturday, 9 November 2013

He just left with a kiss on my cheek and said forgive me…how convenient.
 Looked at those legal papers left on coffee table, wondered why HE left them behind. went through the
paper again, picked up the pen to sign it and get it done once for all. Not easy to run my fingers on those papers, left the papers again on the table,unsign and my cell phone as a paper weight on it. Made one more cup of steaming hot filter coffee sat in balcony, watching the lake view…walking down in my memory  lane…you came all the way home, just to get signs on the papers and you ask for my forgiveness, before leaving…..I can forgive you, if I can wash off all those memories…
Crazy, stupid love…I stood against the world for you once,
Promised each other to live together forever..
You broke my promise
Left me without a decent good bye forever.
Shattered dreams, broken heart, empty deep inside
Left with only walls to witness my cries
Day and night, betrayal is the only tune my soul sings…..
Here you are asking my forgiveness, I wish I can wash off all those memories of my loneliness ,betrayals and forgive you.
I sighed loudly and walked back inside house with a empty heart as empty as my coffee cup. My Eyes caught  my cell phone with blinking Led lights. Picked up my mobile to check…Here it is,38 MISSED CALL IN 10MINUTES!!!! You called me 38times in 10min!!!!.I wonder whats going on..Again my thoughts ran back to the old times. I hate my collective memory sometimes..There was a time you would get worried if I don’t answer your call and you would call me till I pick. Once you called me 38times in 10min, I got worried and called you the moment I saw missed calls..,there you are saying-I forgot to say I LOVE YOU today before leaving home,a time I felt how lucky to have you in my life…Crazy days,where missed calls from you to me, only to say how much you missed me…But  why 38missed calls in 10min today?
AM I missing something? You kissed my cheek and said sorry….does it means you want to get back to me again?
You left those papers without my sign. Does it mean you don’t want to do this anymore?
A new hope, new desire inside my heart…..
I forgave you the moment I saw your missed calls….
All the betrayals, lonely nights, empty promises are forgotten, the moment I saw your missed calls. Asked my EGO to shut up, I still love you the same…I know you love me too…You want to get back to me…. Ran towards mirror, just to check myself before calling you. Corrected myself, as if you are going to see me through the phone when I call you.
Dialed your NO with a teen ager anxiety, clutched my dress out of tension build up Inside me….I know you are going to tell me again I LOVE YOU….I am prepared to reciprocate, decided I will not pick up a fight over bitter memories.I am ready for a fresh romance, fresh life, stand by you when you mend all those broken promises…Ready to pick up our life where we ended….there you are Picked up my call-‘’HELLO”
Me-HEY Just saw your missed calls..Sorry mobile was in vibration mode and I was in balcony.
HE-‘that’s ok.Its not new for me’
Me- “I sigh….” waiting for him to speak and to hear those words again…smile on my face, a new Ray of hope, already planning my evening with him,…
HE-“aaa…mmmmm…Actually, I left those papers in a hurry to leave…haammmmmmm Please sign it and I will ask someone to drop by and pick it up.”
A strong jolt to the reality….I slide back to the real world. His words sunk in my mind luckily sooner before I made fool out of myself Over the phone. I managed to say “OKAY” and hung up the phone…
Now I regret that moment I forgave you. You can’t forgiven by me any day……
I hurried and picked up the pen. Signed those papers before my mind connects with my fingers…tears rolling over my cheek washing your memories of a kiss you gave me little while ago. I did it once for all….
38 missed calls in 10 min a long time ago, just to say -I LOVE YOU….
Today same 38missed calls in 10min,The Moment I FORGAVE YOU…..
AND now is a moment of regret for FORGIVING YOU…….people change... as the relationship change,as the time  changes....

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