Tuesday, 1 October 2013



Diet conscious?Need to loose those stubborn fat?trying loose few pounds of your body weight?
Its not a easy task but not impossible also.healthy diet and exercise is the key of loosing unwanted fat.
I am writing about few healthy drinks which accelerates the fat loss in the body.Rememeber,these drinks are not solely responsible for your weight loss,healthy eating,regular exercise  one needs to follow to loose body fat
Drink atleast  3-6 glasses of green tea.rich in anti oxidants which body needs.helps in keeping cancer at bay,slows the process of aging,keeps body toxin free and many other benefits.Drinking 3-6 glasses of green tea continuously for a week will prepare the body to burn 25%-40% of its body Fat.

Choose your favorite veggies,blend it in a blender,and drink it before meal.its one of the  trick to loose weight.Drinking a glass of veggie juice before the meal, decreases one’s quantity of meal intake.Its healthy way of burning fat also.choosing proper veggie for a pre meal drink,helps in meeting body nutritional requirement which one may loose because of less meal intake.  
Fat free milk helps to burn fat in body.calcium present in milk promotes body ability to burn fats beside moderate diet system or weight loss.

Make a yoghurt smoothie and add in your breakfast.It provides protein as well as Calcium present in it just like in milk aids in fat burning.

Sounds funny?dont ignore the  ability of cheapest ,easily available,ready to drink-water!!!!drink plenty of water.Drinking cold water helps in fat burning hence weight loss.drinking cold water leads to burn the body fat to convert the water temperature to the body temperature.Easy way to burn fat.

ENJOY working out,LOVE dieting like i always say-LOVE YOURSELF


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