Thursday, 5 September 2013

You envy those with long legs and curvy figure girl walking in front of you? You cursing god for giving you a short stature??
Don’t waste your time on cursing god and your genes.Start thinking wisely .Ones height has nothing to do in looking good.You can wear all those cloths which those curvy 5’5 odd models wear, but just need to be wise in selecting your colours,and accessories..
Using right colours, accessories ,prints can create a illusion of height.
I can’t give you tips to become taller but my tips may help you to create an illusion of being taller.

  •  keep your hair short. Have a shoulder length or little shorter than shoulder length   hair. Long hair makes your height to drown in your own hair and can’t create an illusion of being tall.    
  • If you have long hair, go for a high pony and try to keep your hair up and back.
  • Go for those bumpy hair styles. It’s a good way to create an illusion of being tall.

 Go for V neck lines, deeper cut blouses or dresses. Showing skin at right places makes one looks taller. Avoid close collar, high neck, and other horizontal neck lines which cover your entire neck area.

  • Wear skirts above the knee length. Showing your SEXY legs makes one look taller.
  • Skirts or pants choose for a high waisted bottom. Low bottom waists makes one look shorter.
  • wear monochromatic outfits
  • Dressing in same color from top to bottom also creates illusion of height.
  • Don’t go for bigger prints. Usually it makes women look petite. Go for smaller prints.
  • Go for vertical line or vertical prints clothing, it enhances the illusion of height.
  •  Is there is any other better way other than high heels to look TALL???Wear heals to look tall.
  • For office wear go for weadges, gives taller appearance and comfortable to walk.
  • Choose your foot wear carefully- go for nude or lighter colour foot wares. If not   match your foot wear with your bottom colour.But  don’t go for a brighter colour foot wear just to match your top.You may look like a vase on high table. So avoid brighter and flashy colour foot wears if you are wearing a lighter shade bottom.

  • Go for long hanging accessories
  • Avoid big bags.
Petite or tall, Love yourself, that’s the best therapy to boost your confidence and carry whatever you are wearing. So Just Love_Yourself….

Love yourself


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