Sunday, 4 August 2013

Did you swear again-I won’t touch alcohol ever again...quit drinking???
Hahaha how many times have you said those words??
After a good night long party, one of the nasty side effects is hangover!!!
After a night long drinking, when you get up in the morning message tone of your mobile also feels like someone hammering your head. However you turn in your bed for sleeping comfortably your body pains. Nauseating, Dizziness.
In simple words-Ill effect of alcohol!!!
So how to avoid hangover?? I am going to speak about few tips and home remedies for a pre and post drinking also while drinking to avoid hangover.
-Eat and fill your stomach. Try eating dairy products like breads, cheese these coats your stomach and intestine so it slows the process of alcohol absorption in your body.
-Try drinking a spoon of olive oil. This also greases your stomach and intestine hence slow absorption of alcohol (Asked a friend to try this one so tested and proven J )
-IF you are in empty stomach try eating something in between your drink intake.
-Try eating cucumber in between your drinks. Cucumber keeps your body hydrate. Alcohol has a diuretic effect on your body hence cucumber helps to hydrate the body.
-Don't mix your drink
-Try using fresh fruit juices to mix with your drinks. Especially for vodka drinkers.
-Drink plenty of water. Make up your mind and drink a glass of water religiously after every glass of drink.
-Try popping vitamin-c tablets before going to bed.

-Once again drink plenty of water.
-Eat bananas. Its rich in potassium, so it replaces the potassium lost due to diuretic property of alcohol.
-Try taking 5 to 10 spoons of honey in half an hour time span. Fructose in honey helps in metabolising alcohol in your body sooner.
-You can mix honey and banana. May be try making smoothie out of it.
-Drink juices that contain vitamin c like orange juice, lemon juice and others.
You can just take vitamins C tablets.
Alcohol effects on the storage of vitamins stored in the replacing them sooner helps to get rid of hangover. You can even add vitamin B complex tables also.
-Sleep at least 8hrs after a drinking night.
-Love your body and yourself. That keeps you alert from over drinking and later suffering from hang over

Drink responsibly and love yourself.


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