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Shwetha Katti!!! The name you hear in almost every Indian channels. Someone who scored a column in most of the magazines, newspapers, tabloids.A17yr old real life heroine . Yes I picked her as my topic to write because for a 17yr old girl she can be an inspiration to any age group . A  journey of a girl from one of the oldest sex trade area in India Kamatipur the red light area of Mumbai, to USA!! Yes it wouldn’t have been a path of rosy flowers but after walking on the path of thorns she did walk on a red carpet. ...
Who is Shwetha Katti??Please feel free to Google her name. 

She is a girl brought up by her mother in such an environment where people speak only language that is Sex ,a place which portrays men as just a customer who is there to use women for his sexual needs, a place which gives impression to any kid born there to seal their fate by choosing either spending life selling bodies or be a pimp.
Hat's off to Shwetha Katti's mother who made her to see the world apart from Kamatipur red light area, hats off to the NGO
Kranti for setting an example to the world through Shwetha. 
She is an example to say-our fate is in our hand, no bad childhood can seal one's fate. She is an example to say, we choose what we want to be in life. She is a best example to say, mother plays  a major role in shaping a kid's future irrespective of what she is, where she is from, educated or uneducated, rich or poor. My salute to such Mothers. 
I don't need to say much about what her life would have been, word Kamatipur would explain everything. I just want to speak how inspiring she is to the world. For all those who blame fathers so they couldn’t be what they want to be in life, This girl lived her life believing her step-dad is her real father and tolerated all his abuse before becoming what she is today. She chose her life how it has to be after all the hardship, your life was as worse as hers? May be, but why can’t we choose our life the way we like it? Is it worth blaming father, mother or a bad childhood for one's failure in life? No one can shape our life, our life is in our hands .That’s what this 17yr girl proved it.
So get up now, make peace with your past life, shape your life as you always dreamed. She is not an inspiration just for women, she is inspiration to all those who have accepted their life the way it is because of their bad childhood. It’s time to tell her story to all those!!
Are you one of those who got neglected just because you are dark skinned? Or you are not good looking? Just because you are short and lack all the beauty appeals? Here she is-Shwetha Katti dark skinned girl no beauty if you keep one of those models as bench mark for beauty. I read it in one of the article and saw in her interview on TV, once her father said, her heart is also as dark as her skin those words can destroy anybody's self-esteem. Many must have gone through (I’m also a dark skinned girl)...but can one let oneself to decide the course of life according to their skin colour? This girl proved it-beauty is skin deep. She is an inspiration for all those who feel inferior just because of their appearance. Your colour can’t decide your life, only you can decide what and how you want to look for this world. I am sure a man who looks at this girl looks beyond her colour.
I want to speak about parenting but I am no mother but I have been a daughter to a mother who stood by me all the time, daughter to a father who accepted my failures and never let my failures to overpower his love for me. So I consider myself ,and take liberty to speak in the shoes of parents. 
Don't you think she can be a best inspiring story for your kids? She proved-luxuries of life can only be earned ,but no one can give. Are you one of those with conservative views so can’t speak about Kamatipur and its life? you live in this world, your child has all the rights to know about this world. You can choose your kid to understand this world on their own in the course of life but when you speak about this world, that has its own impact on kids, you make them realize harsh truths of life, you may even contribute for the betterment of society and may even help to eliminate entire Kamatipur one day.

Today Shwetha Katti is in USA pursuing her bachelor's in psychology. She didn't let her fate to make decisions just because she was a girl from red light area, at the age of 17 she proved nothing is impossible in life, no skin colour, no environment can influence what one want to be in life. Thanks a lot for being an inspiration for many who are lost in life. Thanks a lot to your mother who is an inspiring personality for all those helpless mothers.
Many thanks to NGO Kranti for supporting you and helping you to pursue your dreams.
Don't you think she is a best inspiration –believe in yourself and just love yourself....
Love yourself


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