Monday, 5 August 2013


Here I go about my driving experience. Before that let me say about myself, I am a girl who lives life on the edge, Love doing things which others don’t prefer to,
I drive TATA SAFARI DICOR since 2008. Believe me I am the only mammoth to my big white elephant (yes it is pearl white safari).
My memorable trip started on one fine January morning in 2009. I love traveling all alone and exploring. Initial plan was to go to Coorg,( beautiful place in Karnataka) Drink lots of beer and enjoy reading.(books are my best friends). Thanks to my mum who has been putting up with my craziness and loves me for what I am without complaining.
So my drive from MYSORE TO GOA STARTED.
I started Mysore around 12pm. didn't even had slightest idea that I will end up going to Goa that night. I reached Madikeri around 2.30pm to find out a home stay for few days.  Thought of beach, passed in my mind…. let’s Go Goa.
I knew road of my choice to Goa was not the best idea. Then I looked  at my safari and smiled, if I don’t drive in this road that means I am insulting my car. My next stop was Mangalore, it was almost 7 by then, mad wire in my head started working little extra and thought if I start from here immediately I will reach Goa by 12am.
I was almost 100km away from Mangalore, now the real trouble started had a flat tyre, I was all alone on the highway and flat tyre!!!!!!!I. Got out of the car took out the jack, by then I saw a truck driver pulling over and walking towards me, he helped me out in fixing my tyre this is the advantage of being a girl many times!!!!..
finally reached Panjim around the real pain of the night started!!!! Where do I go? I reached my destination but where do I stay at this hour of the night??????.Finally got a room in a small hotel though I was super tired, I got up by 9.30am because Goa spiked my mood. I reached my base out and all I did was lots of reading sitting near the beach!!got some nice massage for 5days. Drive back was more tiresome coz I was returning to the real world!! Drive back from a Goa trip is always a heavy feeling!!
I had to cut short my trip to 5 days coz of my bank balance. All left in my account before leaving Goa was money for fuel and little money for on the way expenses. Its a memorable trip for me coz it was filled with craziness, adventure and helped me to straighten my head and taught me how to believe and love myself!!


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