Sunday, 11 August 2013


Early to bed and early to rise makes man healthy and wealthy is one of granny's era saying. Yes its very true, but I am wrong person to advise those lines to anyone because I am not an early bird. I believe in one thing-your frame of mind and your morning activities decides your entire day. Positive thinking and loving oneself can do wonders in life, your day starts when you get up, whatever time you wake up in the morning try applying  these tips  in your routine.
How you start your day decides your entire day.
So I’m going to speak about few healthy tips for your body as well as for your mind also few beauty tips.
1-First thing when you wake up from your sleep, when you  are still rolling in your bed, think about ONE thing which would make you happy and try doing it for yourself. May be going to the spa, may be eating in one of the restaurant you like. May be just one of the milk shakes you like to drink, may be wearing one of the dresses you love to wear or maybe buying one. It can be a very simplest of simplest deeds which makes you happy. Do it just for yourself. For a happy life one needs to love oneself.
SEX-there I said it!! This one is for those who live with partners. Yes morning sex activates   happy hormones, and makes you stay happy entire day. Even cuddling with your partner helps. It’s like a touch therapy. Makes one to have balanced emotions entire day
Stretch your body. Just mimic the way cat or dog does it once  it wakes up. This helps to relax your muscles and joints.
if you are early riser, try taking a walk or jog or gym.
2-Try going in to the sun at least for few minutes .May be pull the shades from your windows. Or go and stand in a balcony or just open the door and go out.
(This one is for early risers let say between 6:00 to7:30)
Early morning sunlight has the effects to rejuvenate your mind and body. You will give a first dose of VITAMIN to your body that’s Vitamin-D. It  plays important role in your body nourishment.
3-drink at least a glass of water
Drinking water in early morning has its own effects on body
-Cleanses colon and helps in nutrition absorption
-Hydrates your skin and keeps it glowing
-Balances your lymph nodes
-Helps to lose weight
4-Drink a glass of warm water with honey or lemon or just either of one.(Beauty tip)
This  kick-starts your digestion process,
Honey and lemon both have anti-viral, anti-bacterial,  anti-fungal effects.
They both boosts your immune system.
Lemon has vitamin-C which plays major role in maintaining your skin.
Try applying lemon juice on your skin, it has bleaching properties. Reduces acne scars, blemishes by using regularly. Even reduces acne which appear due to few types of bacteria.
Honey also has same effect on helps to moisturize your skin naturally.
Lemon and honey  are  great combo for most of the skin disorders. So consume orally this duo and also apply on skin to get clear, brighten,  and acne free flawless glowing skin.
-have a cup of green tea. This is full of antioxidant which is essential for body, it has many  other benefits
-Keeps your body hydrate
-Keeps your diabetes in check
-Has anti-aging benefits
-boosts your immune system

5-follow with  a healthy breakfast which is full of vitamins protein and carbohydrates. I would like to speak about healthy breakfast in my upcoming articles.

Feel Free to Share your own tips In the Comments below
So like always-love yourself
Knitha Urs 


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