Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hey girls, its weekend...time for you to let your hair down, wear one of your nicest dress in the closet and dance as if there is no tomorrow...yup it’s party time!!!!
Irrespective of what age group you belong to, you are  working, hunting for the job or student everyone looks out for weekend, as the name says its rest time for your brain from all the pressure you deal on weekdays. Many have their own choices about what they want to do on weekends but if you are party person who enjoys going out in the nights then what I’m going to say may help you..

So you going out to one of those hot shot club in your city?
You may be going out with group of friends or just girls night out or going out with your boy friend, what I’m going to say make sense and help you to plan your night out.
1-How you going to dress up
How you look defines who you are as a dress wisely. Before choosing your dress, think about this, there is a very thin line of a difference in dressing up sexy and slutty.
Off course we girls don’t mind looking sexy and making few heads turn around to look at us, but you want to look sexy or slutty?
So choose your dress in such way, it should define you as a person and you should make people around you notices you.
Hey wait. I didn’t say cover yourself up from top to bottom; I’m just saying dress smartly. For example if you decide to show your legs, dont go too revealing on top you choose,if you decide to show off your boobies then dont go too much on showing off your legs.
(Follow me for few tips on dressing smartly in my upcoming articles)
So now you decided what you want to wear.....
2-This one is for those who enjoy the rush of alcohol in their body
I am no saint here to say don’t drink. All I am going to say is drink wisely and responsibly...
Here are few tips before going out on drinking for yourself and for your body
1 -Eat well before going out partying. May be fix a sandwich at home or grab a roll on your way or just eat to fill your stomach, choice is yours.
This makes alcohol absorption slow in your body and helps you to stay sober for longer.
If not try buying one of those before party capsules which helps you to be sober and no hangover in the morning. For example-Party smart by Himalayas 
2- If you are a person who likes to wear heals,  your choice footwear goes with your dress. But can you walk on those heals after drinking?
So carry a smart flat foot wear in your hand bag. There are no signs in any of these clubs saying don’t switch your foot wears.
It may look stupid but it’s a smart move. You want to make fool of yourself in your heels after you get drunk? You want to fall in front of the crowd and say hey sorry I am just drunk? You want embarrass your guy by tripping over someone? Then just switch footwear. ..don’t worry all are drunk and no one notices what you just did :)...
So you are prepared to go out now what next?
Now comes safety tips....especially for those single girls who are going out with a guy whom you just met few days back on Facebook or met him at work or anywhere....even for those who are going out with friends or just girls night out... for those who ate going out with their boy friends. ..
A-do you have a phone number of a taxi driver whom you use regularly? Then call him in advance and say that you may use his cab service tonight if it’s required. If you are going out with a new guy, you may end up in a situation where you are cornered, or you went out with new set of friends and you are not comfortable the way the party is heading or your boyfriend is in a mood of violence, you need a way out but you don't have your own transportation so keep the cabby’s no handy.
If you don’t have personal cabby, there are plenty of 24/7 cab services phone no. store there no in your cell phone. Use it if you feel it’s required.
B-CARRY a pepper spray in your handbag. didn’t have time to buy one? Then carry one of those deodorant sprays in your hand bag may end up in a situation where opposite person takes assault or violence route, that’s the time to use it as a weapon. Weather u r a with a gang , boyfriend , single no harm carrying one in your hand bag.

C-drink spiking!!!!!
Now a days drink spiking is a common issue in party circle.
Drink spiking is nothing but drugging your makes one lose their conscious, act disorient in common word blackout. Which leads to robbery, sexual assault or even a murder.
So make sure you will be cautious enough to follow these
-keep an eye on your drink
-don't leave your drink unattended
-keep an eye on  bar attender who is pouring you a drink
-don't accept drinks from strangers
-don’t try sipping drink from others glasses
-don't accept a opened beer bottle from a bar attender or anyone if it’s not opened in front of you
-cease drinking if you feel your drink is tasting weird or funny
-just be cautious about what's happening around you
C-Carry condom in your bag. No one here is living in a stone age and if a man judges you just because you carry a condom in your bag that’s his problem. You are out with a man or u may end up with someone you just bumped in(though I don’t appreciate this),you are not in control with your urges and decided a sleep over with him,(it’s a matter of every individual thinking lets not judge a person on this)it’s better to be prepared than regretting in the may surprise a man when he sees you take out the condom out of your bag but a man decided to take you to a bed though he hardly knows about you so, why you need to think what he is going to think about you?rather  Thinking about the conclusion he may come about your character, think about your own life and just tell yourself you love yourself and your life...
D-if you ever feel too threatened or in a fishy situation just call police. don’t worry they are not as bad as you think. They will help you out. If not call your guardian or parents. Don't worry about how you face them next morning. It’s better to have your parents around or guardian in fishy situations than being sorry. don’t worry they are your parents they will forgive you soon. 
Enjoy life, think wisely before making any decision and love yourself.
If you love yourself, you will know what’s best for you.....


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