Thursday, 22 August 2013


Once again it’s Friday!!!! Party time for few, dinner date for many, just an outing with friends for others... are you worried about your tired face due to entire week’s stress??Need an instant facial but no time to go to beauty salon or spa?
Here are few homemade instant facial tips. Take out 30-45 min time for yourself, try it out you will be amazed with the result!!!!!

Let’s start with cleaning. Wash your face with plain water along with your regular face wash or you can use home made cleansers
homemade cleansers
-wipe your face with milk. Milk is a natural cleanser.
-take a slice of papaya and just rub on face. Leave for 5 min and wash it off
-dry skin-wipe your face with sour yogurt and honey mixture. Can add few drops of lemon also. Leave for few min and wash it off. Curd removes the dirt and honey moisturizes the face.
Now its scrubbing time!!You can use your own scrub if not use one of the natural scrubs.
Homemade scrubs
-rice flour is a scrub I love all the time. Take enough quantity, wet your face and use your fingertips in circular motion and scrub your face.
-mix1 spoon sugar and2-3 spoon lemon juice and use it as a scrub
You can just mix sugar to your cleansing lotion and use it as a scrub. 
-gram flour sugar is also a good scrub.
Now time for face pack. Before applying face pack keep eye pack ready. Need to pep up those tired eyes too. Few homemade instant eye packs
-slices of cucumber
-used tea bags. Use it directly or refrigerate it or just dip in cold water and use on your eyes
-cotton dipped in cold water. 
-cotton dipped in rose water
Now back to the face pack
Homemade face packs for instant glow
-half ripped banana+1spoon of honey +  few drops of lemon juice. Mix and apply and leave it till it dries.15-20min max it takes to dry.
-banana + honey +egg white. Mix and apply and leave it for 15-20min.Egg white tightens your skin instantly and helps you to look fresh and young.
-cook few spoons of oatmeal with milk and let it cool and apply it as a face mask.
Use one of the eye packs I mentioned and lie down for 15-20min.
After washing face need a Toner..
-Use cucumber juice as a toner or just rub the cucumber slice on your face. 
-Use rose water as a toner.
-Or scrub your face with a ice is an instant toner before applying makeup.
Now your face is ready for the make-up application!!!!
Its hard to find time for oneself in this busy life. But remember if you love yourself nothing is impossible!!!!

Knitha Urs 


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