Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Irrespective of which part of the world, religion, class, one belong to dating has become a lifestyle. Also dating and sex both go together in parallel. premarital sex, casual sex has become a part of life style in many societies. 
Yes-my today's topic is Sex. I am not going to give Kama sutra tips here, It’s all about women and sex.

Women always get entangled in sex and relationship and makes blunders in life. 
So would like to speak about few mistakes we do with men and also for ourselves. 
Here I go....
-You went out on a date and ended up in bed ,in the morning you feel dirty about yourself..
Why did it happen?

Everyone has opinion about casual sex. Even I have one as well. If you have decided to sleep with a man just for the body urges, prepare your mind for that. I don't say it’s a wrong thing to do. One have all the right to decide about sex life but do it only if you can deal with it in the morning. There is nothing wrong in casual sex as long as you can deal with yourself. Next time if you decide for a casual sex ask yourself, -that’s your style? then go ahead.
-You just got dumped and you feel being used in a relationship. 
I have heard many girls saying, he just used me for his sexual needs, even I have said it. why one feels that way?
Sometimes We women use sex as a tool just to hold on your man in relationship, men and women both look sex in different angle. For men majority of the time sex is just like a natures call-done and over for that moment. But for women-sex is always an  emotional thing, a sense of security and in simple word sex is full of drama for women. 
Hey wait, I’m not taking feminist route here and trying to put down the entire manhood. All I’m saying is men are from mars and women are from Venus.
 If you are dating a man looking for a relationship, may be whatever I  say may help you
-don’t go to bed with man on a first date
-talk to your man what are your views about sex in relationship. 
If he is just the man for you, he will understand your point of  view.
If he is just a sex hopper, don’t worry he won't even call you again ever.
-There is a saying-when you kiss your man you will know he is your man or not.so trust your instincts. 
-don't go to bed with a man just because you are insecure about losing him.
In this case, you give what he wants and you lose your respect in his eyes at least in many cases.
Sex out of insecurity just leads to more insecurity like being suspicious about him all the time,  feeling being used, stalking him in all possible ways. It would be a relationship where you want to control him or hold him in relationship using sex and for him, moment he is out of bed, you are just a burden he is carrying.
So don’t fall for looks, money or social securities. 
Date him till you feel he is a man for you. Till you feel you gained respect in his eyes also you can respect him the way he is. Sex is a part of healthy relationship but don't build a relationship on sexual foundation. 
Wait till you both feel comfortable with each other, spark between each other, and till you feel even he is also ready for a relationship but not just for natures call.
Healthy relationship is built on mutual trust and lots of love , remember sex has to be an act of love so work on it.
Why do we need Sex? don’t laugh at it. In this world all most all animal have sex just for breeding purpose(I read somewhere dolphins are the only animal have sex for pleasure)we human are the species, have sex for pleasure. In majority cases women treats sex as just a pleasing act to make her man happy. So stop pleasing him and start pleasing yourself.
Before concluding-have safe sex. .. please feel free too google about safe sex tips. ..
Like I always say-just love yourself and life, rest  falls in line by itself...


  1. Cleverly Wrote a topic many would face difficulty writing about.