Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Going out on a date? So take time to read this. First Impression is a best impression. try to create one.

 1-Over doing the make-up turns off men.

Yes, it turns off, No man likes a painted doll. So keep your make up minimal.-Blend your foundation properly, and make sure to apply foundation on your neck, blend it. Unevenly applied foundation is a major turn off for men.- Eye Shadows:Don’t go for darker shades of eye shadows. Yes one of the online survey says, men don’t like darker shades of eye shadows. Many get carried away looking at the pictures of models with dark eye make ups online or magazine and love to try. Remember, few makeups are meant for occasion and for photography purpose, don’t try it blindly just because you liked it.

 -lip stick-match it with your cloths. If you are wearing a bright and dark colour dress then go for lighter shade of lipstick. You should look pleasing not  flashy flashy!!

2-Accessories And turn off for Men

Yes accessories also turns off men.Men don’t like a girl who looks like a Walking accessory store.So be wise in choosing your accessory

-I say,if you are wearing a lighter shade cloths,go little heavy on accessory but if it’s a brighter colour cloths then I would say keep it as minimum as possible

3-If you are not comfortable walking on high heels,Don’t choose them-Girl who cant walk properly on high heels is one of the major turn off for Men.

-If you have height issues or your dress needs a heals and you are not comfortable with pointed heels then go for Wedges.You  look tall as well as you can walk comfortably


4-strong perfumes turns off men

Yes it does!!! Don’t choose strong perfumes.

Tip to use perfumes.Just spray on pulse points like behind ear lobes,wrists and neck,before wearing cloths. don't put perfume on fabric,it may leave stain which cant be removed even after washing.

5-Bumpy hair dos,messy hair,flashy add ons Turns off men.

If you have a bad hair day and no time to fix it,just go for a Bun.

Dressup wisely and look gorgeous.....Love yourself...Good luck 

Knitha Urs 


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