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Hey girl, you don’t like to leave your hair on just because it’s too dull? Do you shift your position when your guy puts his hand on your hair? The only style you follow is tying up your hair??You envy those girls who walk confidentiality with their luscious hair?
No time for salon or spa? Your monthly budget cant squeeze a spa treatment? Then follow my tips to have a nice healthy smooth shiny envious hair.
All you need to do is, follow my tips, be patient enough and try taking out little time in your one of those lazy hours.
No money to spend on spa? Then go back to your grandma's era, live a life just for few minutes once in a while.
Before following any of tips for good results, make sure, you eat healthy, get good sleep, no hormonal disorders, not under any depression. How your hair or skin looks speaks a lot about your diet, state of mind and how much you love yourself.
Here you go
Grind good enough hibiscus flower or leaves or both or just either one of them with some water which gives pack consistency. U can even add fenugreek seeds, soak them for few hours or overnight and add it with hibiscus. Hibiscus is a natural conditioner. If you use it at least once or twice a week you can see your hair turning to good black colour. I swear on my jet black hair ,it is only because hibiscus. This is what my mum did to my hair since I was a kid and I follow it till date very religiously. You can even add curd to the pack to moisturise your hair.
One of the famous traditional packs for smooth and shiny hair ,Soak  fenugreek seeds, 50gms min or according to your length and volume of your hair.
Grind it with 1/2 cup of curds.
Apply it from root to tip, leave it for 30min-1hr.rinse it followed by shampooing.
You can play with these packs n make your own packs’ you can add some bananas or carrot, beetroot, lemon juice even few spoons of vinegar .no harm in trying your own recipes...


For natural moisturising and shiny smooth hair.
Add 1 big banana or 2 depending on banana of your choice and depending on your hair volume and length. Add 1 egg yolk to the grinder. Grind it and apply the paste from root to tip and rinse after 30min-1hr followed by shampooing. ..
Once again you can try adding curd, lemon juice to the mix. Or Few spoons of vinegar

This one is to pamper your hair with all those vitamins and to get a happy smooth envious hair.
Use 1 or 2 oranges according to your length and volume of hair. Some papaya pulp grind it using little milk and apply it from root to tip and followed by shampooing. Don’t forget to pop some oranges or papaya to your mouth before grinding J
If you have  lots of patience try drying those orange peels and make powder and try using it in packs as well as on your skin.

Buy these from any beauty care shops- amla powder, fenugreek seed powder, neem powder, hibiscus powder, orange peel powder henna powder, alovera gel. Use all these and make  instant paste using curd or water or lemon juice apply it on your hair for 30min  and follow it up with shampooing. .


had house party? there are some left over flat beer?
Then after shampooing rinse your hair with flat beer and rinse off..
Protein found in the malts of beer helps to rebuild
Your hair and protects from breakage. It also adds volume to your hair and gives shiny look...

When you are using egg in the pack, try using elaichi powder or mint leaves or aromatic essential oil to avoid the egg odour.
You can also break and add Vitamin E capsules to the pack or even to the oil you use for applying on your hair.
Don’t forget to follow these tips as well in your hair care regime
1-Oil your hair as often as u can
2-Try massaging your head
3-Give steam to your hair or even a hot towel wrap
4-Get your hair cut regularly, split end can hinder your hair growth and gives your hair unhealthy look.

5-very important-LOVE YOURSELF...


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