Wednesday, 31 July 2013

You had been busy in a relationship for months or years now? You lived a life thinking your life is involved with his? Now he said he can’t be with you over the weekend because he got a bachelor's week end?
You are hurt, you feel left out? You feel wonky you are there in the relationship but not him?
You are blaming him because you changed yourself in many ways just for his sake. 

Don’t think your relationship is over, but start thinking where you went wrong. Change the way you have been living in your relationship
Few pointers here we girls do when we get into relationship
1-Ignoring your friends
When did you last had a long chat with your good old friend since you got this man ?ok even if you had, was your chat had anything to do apart from your man and your relationship?
The moment a girl gets into a relationship she forgets to live her life outside the relationship. But have you ever asked yourself is he doing the same things for you as well? don’t even expect that from him. Because he is leading his life the right way, you are the one who forced yourself to entangle your life with him. Don’t ignore your friends just because you are in a relationship. Basically don’t stop socializing
2-World revolves around your man
You are in love and the man is the centre of your universe and you start going round and round and round around him. You want a wear a dress and you think what he likes, want to go out for dinner, again you think what’s his favourite cuisine is. Everything you do in life has to be associated with him. Yes every relationship works in knowing your partner's likes and dislikes, and respecting it, there is a lot of difference in respecting your partner's likes and dislikes and ignoring yours ,learn to say-dude this is what I like to do as well. If he is a man enough he will respect yours. Pleasing your partner by dressing up, eating what he likes or doing anything he likes has to be a part of relationship and that's how the successful healthy relationship works but overdoing it, ignoring yourself is not good for a you as well as for your relationship. Have you heard of medicine over dose? Yes over doing everything also has same effect on relationship just like medicine overdose.
Learn the art of balancing your life as well as relationship. Just go out and meet your friends the way he does. Have a social life just like he has. Dress up often as you like it as well.

In a relationship both the partners need to lead a parallel life where there is a bridge to cross and reach each other's life, that’s the best way to have healthy relationships. 
Start loving yourself, pamper yourself. Learn to give him space as well as learn to enjoy your own space. 
So start loving yourself. ...


  1. Ignoring friends is the stupidest thing one does when in a relationship.
    but True friend understands that and come back but some friends will never come back .
    we will have to make sure we don't do this silly mistake.
    This is a nice write up.